Post-Acquisition Executive Team Alignment

Post-Acquisition Executive Team Alignment

at CoreLogic

Corelogic brings five businesses together and creates a cohesive executive team

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I really feel that when I work with Stewart Leadership not only do I get the results that we’re looking forward to build and challenge our teams to succeed, but that I have an advocate in our corner. I mean, they understand our business after a very short period of time and they really, really have a vested interest in our success.

-Steve Brewer


The Insurance Solutions Division was created from the combination of five businesses that all came together to form a new operating division within CoreLogic, a large information services company that helps power insurance companies to deliver trusted moments that help families and businesses protect and restore their properties.

With five acquisitions in play at once, it was imperative to create an aligned and unified senior leadership team to serve as the foundation of rapid growth for this new vertical within the business. Steve Brewer, the Executive charged with leading this division, wanted to engage with an Executive Coach who could support him in this role, as well as an organization that could support the work of bringing together the executive team and aligning the cultures of all five businesses.


Created a cohesive leadership team bringing together executives from multiple business cultures.

Conducted cultural assessments and created an acquisition blueprint to ensure success. 


CoreLogic looked for a partner that could deliver on their full range of needs and knew that Stewart Leadership’s depth of expertise could help them achieve their goals. Steve Brewer started working with a Stewart Leadership Executive Coach in order to build his leadership skills to meet the challenge of being decisive, engaging with the team, and discovering how to best support his team as their executive.

They also engaged Stewart Leadership to bring together an executive team consisting of executives from five different organizational cultures, building trust between them, and accelerating the process of team building. Understanding that this process was critical to the success of the whole endeavor, the team worked very closely with Stewart Leadership. The next piece of the puzzle was creating an acquisition blueprint with Stewart Leadership to align the cultures of the different businesses using the 8 Dimensions of Culture. Stewart Leadership conducted interviews with team members before each phase of the project to understand the business needs and create a highly tailored and targeted program for success.


A cohesive, aligned leadership team is in place, with many of the executives being so impressed with the process that they have brought Stewart Leadership into their own departments to help them align their teams. Per Steve, “It ultimately has been very successful and a large part of that has been our work with the Stewart Leadership team. I really feel that when I work with Stewart Leadership not only do I get the results we’re looking for to build and challenge our teams to succeed but that I have an advocate in our corner.”

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