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Executive Leadership Coaching


Driving organizational growth while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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“Experiencing the coaching process was one of the best things to happen to me for my leadership development.”

“My coach helped me realize you can always go a layer deeper. Through our mini sessions, he guided me to understanding root cause and therefore, getting to better business solutions.”
“Three key takeaways from my coach experience that I put into practice: start with the end in mind; coach the person, not the situation; and when giving feedback, communicate the impact of the action.”
“My coach has helped me gain confidence in myself and my leadership qualities, while pushing me to continue to think outside the box and improve on my blind spots. I utilize her “issue impact action” problem solving technique as well as asking myself, “what is the risk?” when a decision must be made, pushing me to thoroughly think through the best situation.”


Prolink is a premier workforce solutions organization founded in 2011 and is notably listed among the fastest growing staffing firms. Prolink’s success can be attributed to its dedicated leaders consistently delivering on business, people, and innovation outcomes to live the mission of “Connecting work and workers in meaningful ways where everyone can reach their potential and thrive”.  

With continued future growth trajectory, Prolink faced challenges in ensuring its leaders had the knowledge, skills, and abilities to take on increased responsibilities to drive continued organizational growth while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

79% of ELC Participants took on greater responsibilities within 12 months.

Internal effectiveness ratings  increased 113% on average from start to end of program.


To address this need to equip their leaders, Prolink embarked on a development journey last year for 14 of their top leaders.  This journey consisted of a 6-month executive leadership coaching (ELC) program as a foundational component focused on each leader gaining self-awareness to their strengths, blind spots, and opportunities.   

The program included the following components: 

1. Executive Coach Selection:  Leaders were able to find the right coach fit by selecting from a diverse slate of five experienced executive coaches at Stewart Leadership.   

2. Individual Coaching Sessions:  Each leader received one-on-one sessions to address their unique challenges, develop personalized leadership development plans, and receive feedback and guidance. 

3. Mentoring/Support: Each leader had a support team that included their coach, their direct manager, Prolink talent development sponsors, and peers in this cohort-style program. 

4. Assessment: The LEAD NOW! 360 Assessment allowed each leader to receive feedback on 21 leadership dimensions in the areas of creating purpose, delivering excellence, developing self and others, and leading change. 

5. Resources: Support materials such as an action planning workbook, LEAD NOW! Coaching Guide, and coaching cards were utilized throughout the program and continue to act as a long-term support tool long after the program concludes allowing leaders to cascade the tips and strategies to their team members.


The ELC program implemented at Prolink produced significant and measurable results.  Key developments were made in leadership mindset, strategic thinking and planning, effective communication, delegation and empowering others, decision making, and more.  Average improvements in ratings increased 113% from start to end of program. For example, if a rating was 3.7 effective on average at start of program, it concluded at a 7.8 effectiveness rating on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Prolink values internal mobility and 11 of 14 (79%) of the first cohort of ELC participants took on greater responsibilities within 12 months. There is 86% retention of these leaders one year following the program end date. 

ELC resulted in greater leadership effectiveness for each leader, preparing them to start their development experience within Prolink’s Executive Leadership Program.  This ELC program was continued in the current year with 17 leaders and is expected to move forward in future years. 100% of leaders noted they would recommend their coach to others. The investment in developing its leaders is a strategic move for Prolink’s long-term success in achieving growth objectives while also being a great place to grow and develop one’s career. 

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