Team Assessment & Alignment

Achieve high performance through the power of working together.

Stewart Leadership’s Team Assessment & Alignment aligns goals, creates team-operating principles and strengthens relationships using personalized team assessments and unique team alignment strategies.

Using engaging, interactive, and impactful activities, our corporate team building program demonstrates the power of working together.

Participants will learn to build and manage relationships within a team to successfully handle conflicting demands, communicate effectively, and ultimately, achieve results. Take your team to the next level by partnering with Stewart Leadership.

Stewart Leadership’s Team Building Workshop

Stewart Leadership provides teams with the tools and skills needed to build successful collaboration across silos. Our team building workshops are fully customizable and designed to meet specific needs and achieve purposeful goals.

One of our skilled consultants will partner with you to present an engaging corporate team building workshop focused on three pillars of effective team development: purpose, engagement, and communication. Through group activities, individual reflection, video, and role play, the workshop aims to help build trust, communicate purpose, manage conflict, and leverage strengths within a team.

Participants of our team alignment workshops can expect to:

Understand the significance of a strong and effective team.

Learn new skills and strategies to bring their team together.

Reflect on their individual team building skills.

Discuss and practice new knowledge through case studies and experiential learning.

Create an individual action plan for improved team building.

Stewart Leadership’s Approach to Team Alignment

When it comes to corporate team building, Stewart Leadership works to unite separate entities so their commitment and loyalty is to the operation as a whole versus individual priorities.

Our team alignment approach is ideal for cross-department collaboration because we focus on leveraging individual skills and strengths to ensure teams are operating at their highest performance level. In the end, the customers ultimately benefit with focused support from an internal team operating toward a shared goal.

We’ll start by assessing the team to determine the type of training and development needed based on the team’s current performance level. Using the results of the Stewart Leadership 360-degree assessments each participant completed, we’ll determine if the team is operating at a level of chaos, stability, or high performance. From here, we’ll deliver a series of specialized team building activities designed to achieve or maintain a high performing team.

We want participants to leave the experience as genuine business partners, which is why we focus our team building training and development programs around these 10 rules for amazingly high performing teams:




Show a united front – support in public, debate in private. 



Display commitment and urgency to accomplish goals and objectives.


Agree to a performance-driven purpose that everyone can articulate.



Do what you say and provide feedback.


Be clear on who and how decisions are made and communicated.


Manage conflict and disagreements in open, healthy ways.


Match strengths and develop others to achieve the team’s purpose.


Understand roles, responsibilities, and handoff points between teams.


Have a learning mindset to be adaptable and challenge the status quo.


Reward and recognize the team, not just each individual.

ADAS Team Development Process

Our 4 step ADAS Team Development Process, builds team cohesion and alignment through critical steps: (A) Assessment where we partner together to identify the current strengths and opportunities, (D) Design the right approach to unite the team, (A) Align the team using agreed-upon operating principles and an accountability plan, and (S) Sustain the improvements through follow up and a clear measurement plan.

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