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Stewart Leadership’s Founder and CEO John Parker Stewart offers engaging and insightful keynote speeches tailored specifically for your organization. We’ll work together to identify your keynote needs so we can deliver a meaningful message to your team.

Learn more about John Parker Stewart’s presentation style, and see what others are saying about him below:

John Parker Stewart

Audiences enjoy John’s natural delivery, his engaging style, and his range of knowledge. You will hear entertaining yet easily applied principles and results-driven techniques that will take your leadership performance to the next level.

Examples of John’s Keynotes:

  • The Five Steps of Sustained Change
  • Pillars to Building High-Performance Teams

Client Testimonials

“I make it a priority to bring John in for my leadership off-sites. I am amazed at his energy and wisdom. He knows what leaders need to do to maximize their effectiveness. John galvanizes any audience and relates to their issues. He provides the answers they seek without even asking. John Parker Stewart is a must speaker for any company gathering “

Mike Dignam

CEO, CRDF Global

“Stewart Leadership can bring energy and enthusiasm to any room full of executives tired of the latest management-speak. They deal in common sense and plain speaking rather than trendy jargon and cliches, which means their messages come through loud and clear.”

Andrew Butcher

Owner and Principal, Butcher & Co. Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

“John Parker Stewart is unparalleled in energizing a room of leaders! I have used his remarkable talents in all of my organizations. No one knows leadership better than John. If you want to motivate your entire management team, bring John in. He will help them reach new levels of employee engagement and performance!”

Ken Asbury

former President Lockheed Martin, CEO CACI

“John fills the room with energy and brings a spark of new life to all attendees, even the most skeptical and resistant to change. Great energy, variety, and extremely worthwhile.”

Carol Wilkins,

Marketing Manager, Xerox Corp

“John Parker Stewart is a world-class presenter. His understanding of organizations and management challenges is unparalleled! He shares his wisdom and knowledge in a very relatable and practical way, while motivating his audiences to achieve greater results! Any organization who desires higher performance needs John to teach them how. He hits the mark!”

Paul Dillahay


“I had John Parker Stewart speak to a number of my NASA leadership events. He knows leadership! He energizes a room! He delivers! His presentations are world-class! John shares his remarkable knowledge in entertaining and practical nuggets, leaving the audience desirous to apply them to their own back home situations! I heartily recommend his talks to any organization, in any industry! Your teams will profit greatly from him!”

Jay Honeycutt

former Center Director NASA Kennedy Space Center, President Lockheed Martin Space Operations

“It’s easy to learn from someone who is so passionate about the information and genuine about our future. By far some of the best training and coaching I have received in my career. Although there are volumes written on leadership traits and principles, your packaging and presentation skills make learning very simple. Thank you for making learning fun and providing many “pearls of wisdom,” that are practical but powerful.”

Mark Strole

Deputy Director, OrbitalATK, Ammunition Market Segment

“John’s experience and understanding of the nuances of today’s leadership challenges is unsurpassed! He has spoken to countless events in several of my retreats and management meetings. If you want impact, John is your speaker! If you want your people motivated to improve their skills, he will do it! What he shares has long term application. John brings solid and proven gems to your teams. They will love his message. My teams and leaders certainly have! My advice to all executives is to bring him to your organization. They will thank you with their increased level of leadership performance!”

Jim Adamson

former space shuttle commander, CEO Allied Signal, CEO Honeywell

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