Increase Team Results &
Achieve Organizational Goals


Team Assessment & Alignment

You can have employees with great individual strengths, but if they don’t work well together, growth within the company will become stagnant. We perform a complete team assessment and then customize team building workshops designed to meet your team’s unique needs. Our workshops focus on building a strong team through strategies and reflection to surpass company goals.

Executive Team

It’s in the best interest of your company to have an upper management team that can work well together toward a shared goal. Our Team Alignment Workshops include Divide & Conquer, Blend & Combine, and Make it Stick. These programs help C-suite managers identify strengths, weaknesses, and management styles of each member so they can lead other employees more efficiently.

New Team Leader Assimilation

Adding a new manager to the team is exciting for the company, but the transition can be difficult if there isn’t a solid process in place. Our programs will help your new team leaders get to know your business strategies, prioritize tasks, and build key relationships fast so they can be successful right out of the gate.

Presentation & Orals Coaching

Effective verbal communication is pivotal for winning large government contracts. Companies utilizing our proven presentation and orals coaching programs prepare their teams to master the oral presentation. During the coaching process, your team will learn how to boost their confidence, trust their strengths, and design their presentation sequence in a manner that highlights the team’s qualifications and persuades key decision makers.

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