Strategic Planning & Board Services

Develop strategic plans to overcome potential future challenges and gain a market advantage.

With guidance and expert facilitation, organizations can achieve continued growth by aligning priorities and planning for future obstacles. Stewart Leadership’s consultants will design and facilitate your strategic planning meeting delivering an agreed-upon, strategic plan by collaborating with key leaders in the organization.

Four common reasons why organizations have a facilitated strategic planning process:

  • They anticipate future challenges & opportunities.
  • They support informed decision making.
  • They want to align expenditures with values & mission.
  • They want to guide marketing efforts.

How Stewart Leadership Facilitates a Strategic Planning Session

Our consultants will partner with your organization and work closely with your teams to ensure the strategic planning process is aligned with company goals and desired outcomes. 

Stewart Leadership’s approach to facilitating an annual strategic planning meeting starts weeks before the actual meeting and includes follow up and support after your meeting. Our process breaks down into three stages:

Pre-work (1-3 weeks)

Our consultants focus on process design and overall meeting preparation. We’ll conduct interviews to ensure expectations are clear and identify leaders to participate in the process. These select leaders will complete marketplace, company, and department level analysis in preparation for the upcoming meeting.

Strategic Planning Meeting (2 days)

To begin, our strategic planning facilitator establishes a common understanding of the desired outcomes of the meeting:

  • What strategy means to the organization,
  • How strategic plans can be used throughout the year,
  • And how the plans will look after implementation.

Next, we’ll review the current state of the organization by identifying strengths, challenges, and opportunities. The facilitator will discuss strategies, tactics, and implications at the organizational, business and departmental levels to ensure all teams are supported and aligned.

To conclude, the team will determine next steps to finalize the strategies, tactics, and implications identified during the strategic planning meeting.

Follow Up (1-3 weeks)

After the meeting, our facilitator will follow up and support strategic alignment by working to finalize the strategies identified. We’ll evaluate the strategic planning process overall to identify what worked.

Most importantly, we’ll identify the next steps to integrate and align the new strategies with company culture, change, and continued development.

scenario planning approach

Stewart Leadership commonly uses a scenario planning approach when facilitating a strategic planning process. Our consultants partner with key leaders to identify decisions and choices that need to be made in the future. By identifying internal and external forces that could impact these future decisions, we’ll work together to develop strategic choices to address and overcome each decision through scenario playing.

Board Services

When boards are engaged, strategically focused and agile, they can be a strong advantage to the organization. We partner with boards to optimize their effectiveness for today and for the future. We provide a full range of Board Services including evaluation and development of current board competencies, culture and strategic alignment, and CEO succession planning. We work closely with boards to understand the organization’s strategy and culture to create succession plans and provide board evaluations to enable the desired strategy.

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