Competency Modeling and Career Management

Competency Modeling and Career Management

Grocery Outlet increases engagement and reduces turnover in a critical department

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“We could not be happier with the work we do with them and the partnership we have with them.

-Karen Hague, Vice President Human Resources


One doesn’t want high turnover in any department, but especially not in departments that are absolutely essential to the success of the business. Unfortunately for Grocery Outlet, this was exactly what was happening in one of their most critical departments. Talented employees continued to leave and those who stayed were not engaged.


Developed competencies, career pathing, and offered career management to employees.

Increased engagement while dramatically lowering turnover.


Grocery Outlet has a long-standing relationship with Stewart Leadership and they reached out for ideas. Stewart Leadership partnered with HR and department leaders to create competency models that would help identify employees to invest in so that the department could achieve the desired business results. Once the competencies were created, Grocery Outlet went a step further to develop some career pathing and offered career planning resources to the employees of this department.


Stewart Leadership partnered with the HR team and members of the department in question to discover the right solution – which proved to be a work in progress. Stewart Leadership then helped with the training and rollout of the program and they remain in touch to help make tweaks and improvements as needed.

The efforts paid off with Grocery Outlet reporting an increase in development conversations, higher engagement scores, and ultimately, significantly reduced turnover within the department. Karen Hague, Vice President of Human Resources at Grocery Outlet credits the success of the endeavor, in large part, to Stewart Leadership stating, “They are great thought partners, they have great resources in both people and tools, and they are really good at listening to us and partnering with us in a way that works for Grocery Outlet.”

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