Manager Development

Leadership is a mindset established through focused and supported development.

Leadership is more than just an appointed position. It must be a complete way of doing business and communicating with others; it needs to become who you are. Stewart Leadership’s Management Development Program employs a proven combination of assessments, training, coaching, and on-the-job action to provide middle managers with the foundation for personalized leadership development.

Stewart Leadership’s Management Training Program

Stewart Leadership offers leadership training for managers aspiring to move up the organizational chart and join the senior leadership team. Mid-level managers may feel stuck in a rut, or that they’re missing something that’s preventing them from further advancement. With Stewart Leadership’s management training program, middle managers will be given the tools they need to break past these barriers and strengthen their core manager functions.

Tailored to fit the individual’s needs, programs can include one-on-one or group coaching, on-site workshops, and integrated level-specific leadership learning experiences. Learn how to lead better and earn the respect and enthusiasm of your team with Stewart Leadership’s management training program.

Stewart Leadership’s Approach to Middle Manager Development

In order to acquire the skills needed to join the executive leadership team, middle managers must strengthen their core manager functions. Without a strong foundation, it’s difficult for mid-level managers to achieve high performance and promotion. That’s why Stewart Leadership’s management development program revolves around these five key functions:


Establishing a clear understanding of the organization’s business, goals, strategies, and vision allows managers to set clear goals and expectations for their team. Managers will learn to communicate clearly what is and isn’t important by considering timing, possible roadblocks, and desired results. This helps to create purpose, which enhances engagement and improves productivity. It all starts with planning.


As a middle manager, it’s crucial to know how to select the right people to own and deliver the results of a particular assignment. Our manager development program hones in on mastering the art of delegation. Managers must be able to deliver the what, when, and why but not the how. This allows employees to discover the how on their own, which ultimately helps the development of both the leader and the employee. Prioritizing workload, managing conflict, and effectively delegating are all components of delivering excellence.


Evolve the skills needed to select, develop, retain, and motivate a team. Managers will learn to identify their team’s current state and determine specific actions needed to shift them from chaos to stability, and then into high performance.


Managers will learn to engage others in such a way that they feel empowered and have a willingness to try something new. It takes time and trust to inspire commitment and transform employees from being engaged to being empowered. Guiding employees to make and lead change can be difficult, but powerful.

Follow Through

To succeed as a mid-level manager, it’s more than just knowing what to do, why it needs to be done, when it’s due, and how to do it. Learning to focus on and achieve the end goal by holding self and others accountable is the path to delivering excellence.

Ready to Learn More?

This isn’t new information, but many who aspire to higher career levels of leadership get impatient and skip mastering the basics of management.

The path to senior leadership requires strength in the core management functions, and Stewart Leadership’s Management Development Program will help guide mid-level managers down this path.

Contact us to establish a strategy to grow your organization’s middle managers.