Executive Team Development

Understand team dynamics and leveraging individual contributions to create a common purpose.

Stewart Leadership’s Executive Team Development program is designed to launch teams into high performance by establishing a clear team purpose and an agreed upon set of operating principles.

For an executive team to be successful, each member must know two things: what they need to achieve, and how they will achieve it. Our consultants will work side-by-side with your c-suite to identify what results the team needs to accomplish and establish a set of expectations for working together.

ADAS Team Development Process

Our 4 step ADAS Team Development Process, builds team cohesion and alignment through critical steps: (A) Assessment where we partner together to identify the current strengths and opportunities, (D) Design the right approach to unite the team, (A) Align the team using agreed-upon operating principles and an accountability plan, and (S) Sustain the improvements through follow up and a clear measurement plan.

Stewart Leadership’s Executive Team Alignment Program

To kickoff our executive team alignment program, we will deliver a variety of personalized activities designed to identify strengths, weaknesses, and management styles for each of the team members. This allows us to gain critical insights into your group’s performance and effectiveness as a team.

From here, we implement a mix of one-on-one executive coaching, tailored team alignment programs, and custom, off-site workshops to build a culture of teamwork. Our leadership team training program aims to address and solve real issues companies face by supporting healthy conflict and eliminating egos.

How to establish an executive team’s Operating Principles

Once a clear team purpose is identified, we will host a single team-building event workshop for your c-suite to establish the team’s operating systems with a three-step process:

Divide and Conquer
  • We’ll start the workshop by dividing into groups of 5-7 people to do a series of team performance activities designed to engage participants and build trust amongst team members.
  • Each group will develop a list of operating principles to use during their activities. These could include: clearly define roles and celebrate successes.
  • After each activity, the teams will regroup to edit and add to their list of operating principles to perform better in the next activity. At the end, teams will have developed a list of behaviors that will form the basis of the group’s operating principles.
Blend and Combine
  • We’ll start narrowing down our master list of operating principles by inviting each team member to share 1-2 behaviors that mean the most to them, including what they believe it could bring to the team.
  • Our consultant will help the group to eliminate duplicates and merge similar ideas until there is a concise list of operating principles.
  • With this approach, team members can feel safe to challenge and clarify the behaviors through open, honest, and productive conversation to ultimately create a solid set of operating principles.
Make It Stick
  • Rather than immediately sharing the established operating principles with the rest of the company, team members will be encouraged to use the list as a way of holding themselves accountable.
  • Team members can opt to verbally commit to the operating principles or even put everyone’s signatures on a single document for confirmation.
  • For this to work, team members will need to call out good behavior and candidly discuss the bad in each other.
  • Executive team members can share the principles with their teams as a sign of leadership unity and ask their teams to hold them accountable.
  • We will continue c-suite training with a 90- and 180-day follow up to review and discuss the company’s operating systems.

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