New Leader Onboarding & Assimilation

Get new leaders and team members working together right from the start.

The first 90 days in a leadership role are critical for the leader, their team, and their organization. It’s an important inflection point as it sets the tone and creates a powerful foundation for future interactions and team performance.

Stewart Leadership’s New Leader Onboarding & Assimilation program provides an effective approach to getting new leaders in stride with their team from day one. 

Stewart Leadership’s New Leader Assimilation Program

Stewart Leadership offers consultations and support throughout the new leader integration process. Our new manager assimilation program aims to enhance overall team engagement with a series of unique workshops. The workshop activities are tailored to your organization in order to create a smooth and successful transition for both the leader and team members.

The New Leader Assimilation workshops are designed for both new hires and those who’ve recently received a promotion to a leadership role within their current organization. Our consultants will guide the new leader and their team through a variety of customized team building activities in order to build trust and become familiar with the leader’s style and approach.

Stewart Leadership’s Approach to Onboarding a New Leader

For new leaders, it’s crucial to focus heavily on leadership behaviors to make the first three months a success. Stewart Leadership teaches several proven approaches for leaders to avoid making decisions that can tarnish credibility during their first 90 days.

Our customized programs incorporate these approaches and  set the stage to successfully launch a new leader right from the start.

New Leader Onboarding Best Practices

Know Your Boss

New leaders must learn to understand the ins and outs of how their boss operates. We will work together to identify the expectations for the new role, and set 3-5 goals to center work around. One of the ultimate goals for a leader is to help their boss be successful, which is accomplished by creating individually aligned goals to drive the company’s success. 

Create Clear Strategic Priorities

As new leaders begin to learn about the organization goals and objectives, we encourage them to create a set of aligned priorities to share with their team. In our workshops, new leaders will learn how to help their team translate these priorities into day-to-day tasks and leverage their strengths to achieve these goals. 

Appreciate the Culture

A lack of cultural understanding is one of the main reasons for a leader to fail in their new role. Taking time to understand how the team runs meetings, makes decisions, follows processes, and shares information goes a long way. If a new leader can truly appreciate the existing culture first, they’ll be in a better position to reshape it.

Build Key Relationships Early

New leaders should identify key connections and make time for one-on-one meetings to grow team relationships both personally and professionally. Instead of getting caught up with hierarchical authority, new leaders will learn to connect with those who others in the organization look to for guidance. 

Listen Before You Speak

New leaders must let go of the idea that everything the team did before they arrived was wrong and that they’re going to fix it all. Instead, we teach the importance of listening and understanding why things are the way they are. We encourage new leaders to ask probing, neutral questions and allow time to form opinions and future strategies. It’s important to respect the work that the team has been doing. 

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