Stewart Leadership offers practical and proven assessments designed to give leaders tangible ways to develop and strengthen themselves, their teams, and their organizations. 

Based on our Leadership Development Model, Stewart Leadership’s LEAD NOW! Assessments offer a practical approach with concise results & personalized reporting feedback from a professional coach. 

LEAD NOW! Self Assessment

Stewart Leadership’s LEAD NOW! Self Assessment provides participants with critical information on how their leadership effectiveness and strengths align with their leadership preferences, and how they can continue to evolve as leaders.

This self assessment is ideal for:

  • Individuals wanting personal improvement in their current leadership role
  • Individuals preparing for or transitioning into a management or leadership position
  • Leadership teams wanting to secure the right “fit” for individuals

Assessment Highlights:

  • Type: Behavioral Leadership Assessment
  • Time to complete: 15-20 minutes
  • Format: Online survey of 45 questions and 5 short responses
  • Results at 3 levels of analysis: 4 Quadrants, 21 Dimensions, and 45 Behaviors
  • Personalized Report detailing immediate next steps

LEAD NOW! 360 Assessment

Stewart Leadership’s LEAD NOW! 360 Assessment enables leaders to accurately and quickly learn how their direct reports, bosses, peers, and other associates assess their leadership behaviors.

This 360 assessment is ideal for:

  • Leaders transitioning into new opportunities
  • Companies desiring to create a culture of development and progress
  • Organizations seeking to identify high potential employees
  • Groups who are restructuring and need to create a common leadership culture
  • Professionals seeking clear and tailored personal leadership growth

Assessment Highlights:

  • Type: Behavioral Leadership Assessment
  • Time to complete: 30-40 minutes
  • Format: Online survey of 80 questions and 8 short answer responses
  • Results at 3 levels of analysis: 4 Quadrants, 21 Dimensions, and 80 Behaviors
  • Personalized Action Plans based on results
  • Verbatim Responses

Goals of LEAD NOW! Assessments

Once the assessment has been completed, participants will be sent a personalized report outlining the results of how their preferences and effectiveness align with their current position.

A leadership coaching session will be scheduled to review results and create an action plan, translating the feedback into clear, measurable steps for improvement. Our LEAD NOW! Assessments are designed to help you become a more effective and authentic leader!

Our tailored reports are designed for development purposes only. These are not to be used for candidate selection or during performance management conversations, and your results will not be shared with anyone inside or outside of your organization without your approval.

Teaming for Success Assessment

Stewart Leadership’s Teaming for Success Assessment enables team leaders and team members to accurately and quickly identify the strengths and opportunities of their team to drive high performance. This assessment is an action-oriented, real-world-tested approach for providing team leaders with impactful feedback for improvement.

This Teaming for Success assessment is ideal for:

  • Companies desiring to create a culture of teaming and collaboration 
  • Teams that are stuck, experiencing a high level of dysfunction, or not accomplishing results
  • Team leaders who are creating or inheriting a new team
  • Senior leaders seeking to elevate the level of executive team performance
  • Organizations that believe collaboration is the key to achieving their growth strategies 
  • Team leaders seeking clear and tailored personal leadership growth

Assessment Highlights:

  • Assessment type: Behavioral team assessment available in individual or team reports
  • Time to complete: 15-20 minutes 
  • Format: Online survey of 63 questions and 3 short answer responses 
  • Results identified by 9 Team Dimensions across 5 Team Phases of Team Development 
  • Team Tips and Questions by Team Dimension to guide team improvement 
  • Personalized Team Action Plan based on result

Teaming for success Assessment goals

Once the assessment has been completed, team leaders and team members receive a comprehensive, personalized report of results. A certified consultant will review the assessment results with the team, partner to create a team action plan, and translate the feedback into clear and measurable steps for sustained and accountable team improvement.

The Teaming for Success Assessment enables you and your team to become more cohesive, more engaged, and more effective in achieving higher performance!

Culture & M&A Integration Assessments

In addition to our LEAD NOW! Assessments, Stewart Leadership works with organizations to assess the current state of the company’s culture to uncover gaps and identify ways to improve. Our culture assessments are ideal for companies looking for detailed insights into specific departments, or companies going through a merger or acquisition.

We designed these assessments around a research-based culture model, which focuses on the Eight Dimensions of Culture to give us a behavioral snapshot of your organization’s culture by highlighting how groups get work done.

Culture Assessment

The Culture Assessment is ideal for an organization that’s looking to improve and strengthen its company culture. This assessment will provide leadership with the details they need to truly understand the inner workings of individual departments within the organization.

The report will showcase the beliefs and behaviors of your employees around themes including:

  • Trust
  • Decision making
  • Role Clarity
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Intent to stay

Together, we will explore strengths and opportunities for improvement, and leave you with a customized plan to align and strengthen your company’s culture across the organization.

M&A Integration Assessment

The M&A Integration Assessment is designed for organizations going through the process of a merger or acquisition. By illuminating the organizational cultures of merging organizations, we can identify any similarities and differences that can help or hinder the post-merger integration. 

This report covers four essential components to a successful M&A effort:

  • Strategic focus comparison
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Culture illumination maps
  • Behavior response data

This report arms leaders and employees with the data, information, and intelligence to more thoughtfully approach the integration process and develop more effective strategies. 

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