Building the LEAD NOW! Manager

60% of new managers fail within two years. Give your managers the skills they need to beat the odds.

Great Managers Aren’t Born. They’re Trained

According to Gallup, 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager, yet managers today are responsible for more than engaging their team.

Leading a team is a distinctly different skill set than those relied upon by individual contributors, and those skills must be learned if organizations want to reap the rewards of a highly engaged workforce.

Unfortunately, most new managers receive little to no training or support when transitioning to a leadership role. That’s why we created Building the LEAD NOW! Manager. 

For the first time ever, this training is available in a public facing workshop format so you can send one, or a handful of managers.

Manager development requires building skills in 8 key areas

Course Dates & Locations

Building the LEAD NOW! Manager is launching exclusively in Dallas in 2024. The course is available as a three-day intensive or a 90-day blended learning experience. Select a date to learn more and enroll online. Limited space is available in each course.

Who Should Attend?

Frontline Managers

First-Time Managers

Middle Managers

Team Leads

Project Managers

Emerging Managers

Sending Multiple Managers?

Discounts available for organizations sending three or more managers.

Course Outline

Building The LEAD NOW! Manager:

The 8 Manager Skills

For over 40 years, Stewart Leadership has been developing leaders across all levels with a focus on building leadership that can deliver critical business results while also achieving the crucial people results needed to drive the organization forward.

Based on that experience, we have identified eight core skills managers must master to fully transition from being a strong individual contributor to taking their place as a leader within your organization.

Manager Development of young cheerful woman
Manager Mindset

Manager Mindset

  • Increasing self-awareness and building expectations of managerial success
  • Navigating the identity shift from individual contributor to manager
  • Aligning values, work life, energy, critical thinking, and well being
Manager Development Core Skill: Conversation


  • Conducting effective 1:1 meetings with team members
  • Managing inbox and responsiveness
  • Leading group meetings
  • Information sharing up, down, and sideways
Manager Development Core Skill: Prioritizing


  • Knowing when to use consensus vs. other decision approaches
  • Delegating and prioritizing effectively with others
  • Identifying when and how to display managerial courage
Manager Development Core Skill: Accountability


  • Creating an environment of self-accountability
  • Providing clear performance expectations and goals
  • Following up in helpful and inspiring ways
  • Managing performance challenges.
Manager Development Core Skill:Feedback


  • Providing clear positive and constructive feedback through formal and informal coaching
  • Managing conflict and uncomfortable situations
  • Managing reactions and building emotional intelligence
Manager Development Core Skill: Engaging


  • Selecting and building a strong team
  • Creating an engaging and inclusive environment
  • Developing and growing team members
  • Leading career conversations
Manager Development Core Skill: Influence


  • Developing leadership presence and credibility within the organization
  • Identifying ways to influence others
  • Understanding the unofficial organization with political savvy
Manager Development Core Skill: Navigating Change

Navigating Change

  • Being open to change, new ideas, and approaches
  • Recognizing how to help others navigate through change
  • How to create and support a continuous improvement approach

Key Advantages of Investing in Manager Development

Developing and improving your early and mid-career managers has impacts that extend beyond individual performance.

The Outsized Impact of Manager Development

Manager Development has an outsized impact across the organization

Select the best format for your Manager Development needs

Manager Development classroom option: two-day workshop

Three Day In-Person

This experience is best for organizations who:

  • Want a fully-immersive learning experience
  • Have managers who need focused time for development
  • Want to send managers from outside the immediate area
Manager Development in a Integrated Program

90-day Blended

This experience is best for organizations who:

  • Want to support sustainable behavior change for long-term success
  • Appreciate the opportunity to practice new skills to enhance learning retention.
  • Want to harness the power of group accountability to enforce behavioral change

Meet Our Facilitators

Nolan Godfrey
Taura Prosek
Tyra Bremer
Tyra Bremer
Kristin Derwinski, ACC
Dee Maddox
Dee Maddox
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson
Michelle Greenstreet
Michelle Greenstreet
Dara Rossi
Dara Rossi

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