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Elevate your leadership, strengthen your team, and align your organization with engaging, insightful, and results-driven opportunities with Stewart Leadership Events!

Leadership Growth Hour

30 Minutes of Learning | 30 Minutes of Community

Leadership Growth Hour is a monthly event series featuring 30 minutes of practical, action-oriented information geared toward busy executives, managers, and anyone else tasked with leading others and up to 30 minutes of Q&A. Each month will feature a new topic relevant to growth-oriented leaders and organizations.

Making Strategic Planning Work Across the Organization – Wednesday, October 18

LEAD NOW! Certification

LEAD NOW! Certification enables coaches, consultants, and leaders to know the LEAD NOW! Model, resources, assessments, and dynamic action planning process.

All sessions are virtual and take place in just two, half days.

Registration CLOSED   April 18 & April 21, 2023
Registration CLOSED August 22 & August 25, 2023

Registration Open   October 17 & October 20, 2023

Teaming for Success Certification

All sessions are virtual and take place in just two, half days from 9 am to 1 pm Central time.

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