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Stewart Leadership’s LEAD NOW! Model

Whether you’re on the hunt for a comprehensive leadership development model or looking to become certified in LEAD NOW!, you’re in the right place.

Stewart Leadership’s LEAD NOW! Model was built on the assumption that leaders must achieve aligned and positive results from four perspectives:

  1. Their people,
  2. Their business,
  3. Their marketplace (external) and
  4. Their organization (internal)

These four points of view became the two axes that encompass the four areas of great leadership: Create Purpose, Deliver Excellence, Develop Self & Others and Lead Change. Each of these four quadrants are supported by 4-7 key leadership dimensions and provide the basis for in-depth leadership development action planning.

Whether it’s for the CEO or a high potential executive with 40 years of experience, our LEAD NOW! Model will help guide key members of your organization into more effective leadership roles.

How will the LEAD NOW! Model help me and my team?

The LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model was created to provide leaders at all levels a simple and comprehensive framework for the critical areas of leading others. The model is based on over 45 years of collective management and leadership consulting, and coaching experience with Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and start-ups firms. Combining this professional experience with industry best practices and academic research, the LEAD NOW! Model offers a solid foundation for busy leaders to build and refine their skills as they practice the art of being a leader in today’s changing environment.

The bottom line is, leadership is critical to an organization’s performance and leaders become better through focused and supported development. The LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model provides the foundation for any personalized leadership development effort, whether it is a coaching engagement, a workshop, or a larger leadership program. Using the LEAD NOW! Model will help identify and improve the behaviors needed to increase the success of leading others and achieving desired organizational results.

Looking for a Leadership Development Model?

If you’re looking for a leadership development model for you and your team, this is it. Our LEAD NOW! Model is best paired with a coaching engagement using our resources to ensure you have all the tools you need to develop valuable leadership skills:


  • LEAD NOW! Experience Workshop
    • Our workshop shows leaders how to utilize the LEAD NOW! Model to develop a customized individual action plan.
  • LEAD NOW! Assessments
    • The self & 360 Assessments will help you understand your strengths and opportunities for growth from all angles.
  • LEAD NOW! Coaching
    • Leaders are paired with a LEAD NOW! Certified Coach who will assess, support, and challenge based on the leader’s unique needs.
  • LEAD NOW! Book 
  • LEAD NOW! Development Videos
    • We offer a series of 22 short videos each focused on a Leadership Dimension from the LEAD NOW! Model.
  • LEAD NOW! Classroom Package
    • Comprehensive Classroom Package designed to give you the flexibility to lead sessions on the entire LEAD NOW! Model or individual modules.


Looking to become certified in LEAD NOW!?

If you’re looking to conduct LEAD NOW! Assessments and deliver the LEAD NOW! Workshops, our LEAD NOW! Certification Program will equip you to do so both internally and externally.  Holding a LEAD NOW! certification will also prepare leaders to fully utilize the LEAD NOW! suite of supporting materials:


  • LEAD NOW! Assessments
    • Once certified in LEAD NOW!, you’ll be able to administer the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment and 360 Assessment.
    • From there, you’ll be prepared to interpret the report results and facilitate the feedback sessions.
  • LEAD NOW! Workshop
  • LEAD NOW! Suite 
    • In addition to assessments and workshops, those certified in LEAD NOW! will also know how to use the LEAD NOW! Development Model, as well as the LEAD NOW! book series and supporting materials including a deck of LEAD NOW! Coaching Cards

LEAD NOW! Certification

Certification for the LEAD NOW Assessments. All sessions are virtual and take place in just two, half days.

Registration Open  January 24 & January 26, 2024
Registration Open  May 7 & May 10, 2024
Registration Open  August 6 & August 9, 2024
Registration Open  October 15 & October 18, 2024

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