Cultural Assessment & Integration

Align culture with talent and strategy to optimize growth.

Culture is created and established every day through the behaviors and norms of teams and individuals within your organization. It’s critical to design and construct the desired cultural attributes needed to succeed as a team. Partner with Stewart Leadership and learn to shape your company culture through DEI education and alignment efforts. We’ll work together to create an engaging culture by identifying the mission, vision and values of your organization, as well as integrate culture and talent during a merger or acquisition.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

We understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We know that it takes more than merely mixing people together to resolve challenges, work as a team, and achieve goals. We’ll work closely with your organization to shape your culture and leaders around key attributes of inclusion

Inclusive leaders make a commitment to DEI in the workplace and do everything they can to uphold it. Our consultants will work one-on-one with the leaders on your team and facilitate development solutions to create a culture of inclusion with leaders who are self-aware, humble, open-minded, and empathetic.

Engage Culture & Create a Mission, Vision and Values

When there is a lack of compatibility and many behavioral differences, an organization will find it difficult to create an engaging culture during a merger or acquisition. Our M&A Culture Assessment explores the Eight Dimensions of Culture asking each organization to score how they organize their people, approach problem solving, and execute tasks. We’ll work together to highlight similarities and differences from the start in order to develop effective strategies and create a culture that is welcoming to all.

In addition to creating an engaging culture, our consultants work with your team to develop a mission, vision, and values the whole organization agrees on. The mission statement will be a formal summary of what you do and why you do it, which will include the aims and values of your organization.

The vision statement will define the optimal future state of the organization, including what you want to achieve over time. Lastly, we’ll help determine the values, which are a set of principles that guide how your organization behaves toward relationships and tasks.

Partner with us to ensure success during a merger or acquisition by focusing on your culture, mission, vision, and values.

How Stewart Leadership Manages the People Side of an Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions have two sides: the business side and the people side. Too often, organizations spend the majority of their focus on the business side, leaving the people side as an afterthought. The people side involves leadership alignment, cultural integration, and organizational design. Without this, value from the M&A activity can be completely lost.

Stewart Leadership’s Cultural Assessment & Integration program follows these four steps to ensure people are aligned during a merger and/or acquisition:

Build An Integration Team

To start, our consultants will encourage the creation of a well-balanced integration team made up of leaders from all departments within the organization. This team is designed to support healthy communication as cultural integration strategies are developed and implemented.

Retain Pivotal Talent

Next, we’ll help the team to identify key team members who embody the needed culture and attitude required for the organization to be successful in the future. It’s important for everyone to understand their role and how it fits into future organizational plans in order to build a foundation of trust.

Understand and Align Cultures

When we have people in the right places, our consultants will conduct a company culture assessment to capture the current state and discuss why things are done the way they are. Keep in mind, it’s usually easier to adopt and modify an existing culture than it is to create a new one. Respecting differences in approach and thinking is key to a successful cultural alignment.

Plan for Day One & Onboarding

The final step of our four-step process is to develop a clear transition plan for the first 90 days including monthly check-ins for the first year. The transition must be guided from an individual, team, and organizational perspective in order to ensure clarity and understanding from all levels.

Stewart Leadership’s M&A Cultural Integration Solution

Each merger and acquisition is unique. Having a cultural integration solution will help identify issues early on so organizations can create a plan to overcome them. Together with Stewart Leadership, companies can improve integration execution and ultimately prevent talent and culture challenges in the future.

Stewart Leadership’s Cultural Assessment & Integration program uses interviews, surveys, and focus groups to assess and identify gaps in an organization’s current culture. To start, our consultants will conduct an organizational culture assessment to highlight the following:

  • Cultural alignment and risks across organizations
  • Employee satisfaction and retention risk
  • Strengths and opportunities

Using this information, we will create a cultural integration plan tailored specifically for your organization’s future success.

Ready to Learn More?

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