Clean Freak Builds Learning and Career Paths

Building Learning & Career Paths

Clean Freak and Rainstorm Car Wash, Powered by Circle K

Ensuring operational consistency across locations with learning aligned to the Circle K Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Custom Approaches

Feedback from Clean Freak

I finished the shift supervisor training today and I just want to say that you guys did amazing on the new training! I learned a few new things and I’m happy to say it makes me more confident in the work I do now. Thank you for taking your time to redo the training! It was much needed. We ALL deeply appreciate it.


Due to an exciting growth journey, Clean Freak and Rainstorm were navigating  challenges across the organization, including:

  • Operational inconsistencies from acquisition growth
  • Outdated and inconsistent learning materials and no central hub for teams to find them
  • No formal training for Site Managers to develop leaders
  • High turnover, at all levels
  • Attracting talent with Maintenance Skills

In an effort to meet business goals and objectives, and as a result of their recent acquisition by Circle K, there was an increased need to ensure there was operational consistency across all locations and learning aligned and supported the Circle K Mission, Vision, and Values.

Created learning plans to support 550 teammates across the U.S.

Improved team engagement and created consistency across 64 locations.


Shine University Logo

Shine University was developed for Clean Freak and Rainstorm to ensure every teammate experiences a welcoming and enjoyable first day, week, month, and career while building consistent learning experiences across all locations.

The learning experiences were designed for basic through advanced skills needed in five focus areas:

  1. Safety and Maintenance
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Leadership
  5. Growth

The newly developed content was delivered in a format that is easy to review anywhere the team member might be, whether in the office or on the job. Content is accessible in digital and paper format – whichever is easiest for learning and completing the task.

To ensure the content and design met teammates’ needs, we collaborated with Clean Freak to build the following:

  • Stakeholder Analysis – we identified WHO we needed to involve throughout the creation and rollout of the new learning approach and tools.
  • Change Impact Map – to create consistencies across all locations, many processes or tools needed consolidation; we identified the processes and the people whom these changes would impact before the learning was designed – this helped us communicate the change and create support for the new way of working.
  • Feedback – two surveys were created, deployed, and analyzed to ensure we met the business’s current needs. In addition, the surveys have established a baseline of the current state so we can measure Shine University wins six months after all learning has launched.
  • A Sustainability Plan was created so Clean Freak can take the final product and reinforce Shine University through Communication, Metrics, and Reinforcements. This will help create a learning culture and ensure every teammate has a rewarding first day, week, month, and career.

Finally, we partnered with Blue Water Learning to create an amazing learning experience. Our collaborative approach ensured that we packaged learning so that every teammate experienced something new through the Tell – Show – Do approach. Learning was in small increments, with plenty of time to practice on the job. We also included quizzes and assessments to check for understanding. In addition, we trained Managers and Leaders how to use the new tools, how to teach others, and where to find information and support.


  • A detailed view of 4 key positions and the responsibilities
  • Learning plans for each position that provide step-by-step instructions on completing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks and responsibilities. The learning plans to support 550 teammates across the US.
    • 19 eLearning’s
    • 85 Job Aids
    • 7 Training Guides designed for 79 Site Managers, General Managers, District and Regional Managers
    • 7 Train the Trainer sessions for Site Managers
    • Numerous Quizzes and Assessments
  • 6 month sustainability plan
  • All learning now available in Workday – a learning management system

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