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LEAD NOW! Experience

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) strengthened its leaders to prepare for future strategic growth initiatives


Our Custom Approaches

“Great program. I am sure it will have positive impact on all of us.”

-Hesham Shawky, Head of CLMC &Treasury Back Office & Authorized Signatures


Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK), is a middle eastern bank experiencing rapid growth, particularly in the Egyptian business unit. ABK wanted to strengthen its leaders so they would be prepared to execute future strategic growth initiatives, and they wanted to provide development opportunities within the organization as a means of advancing and retaining top talent.


Over 100 leaders completed LEAD NOW! Experience.

Workshop offered remotely due to pandemic restrictions.


After being introduced to the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model, ABK partnered with Stewart Leadership to deliver the LEAD NOW! Experience workshop to over 100 of the top leaders within the organization. Stewart Leadership customized the LEAD NOW Experience workshop to fit the needs and culture of ABK. Over the course of three months, Stewart Leadership delivered five, two-day workshops, creating a common experience and understanding around what great leadership looks like and how to achieve it. Each workshop was delivered in an online, remote format in the fall of 2020.


The workshops were well-received and resulted in enthusiastic reviews. Attendees noted how engaging the presentation was – despite having low expectations of remote, online training. They reported leaving with an understanding that people were the main asset they could use to grow the organization. The Egyptian unit at ABK now has a shared leadership language, and all participants have been making steady progress as they work through their own, personalized, leadership development plan.

“We had an exciting 2 days; the content of the course was very beneficial addressing main topics for Leaders. The presenter is very efficient, she managed to keep us all engaged in a Team way. She focused on People being our main asset to grow the organization. Thank you. “
Lamia Rabie

Head of Branches Network

“Lead Now was a very comprehensive document and course presented by a highly qualified presenter who succeeded to clearly demonstrate most of the aspects of a successful leadership with passion. She also handled online training with great tact keeping the attendees quite alert most of the time by initiating questions and vivid examples. Thank you for this joyful two-day refresher. “

Nimet El Otiefi

Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance

“The Lead now training was so valuable and interesting. It shed light on many concepts that we were needed to focus on to positively impact the organization’s business performance. Material is so easy and straight forward to address all topics discussed and the tutor the was extremely knowledgeable, joyful and kept each and every participant focused and contributing. “
Dalia Ismail

Head of Branches Business Development & Sales Optimization

“Very comprehensive content conducted in a very short time (2 days) represent excellence in delivery. Very insightful and refreshing program. Thank you! “
Mohamed Ismail

Head of Administration & Facilities

“It is great, interesting and insightful program with brilliant instructor. As I said “Learning is never ending.” I look forward to applying what we are got. “

Ahmed Soliman

Chief Internal Auditor

“This was a very insightful, practical and engaging program. I have benefitted a lot from the experience and look forward to applying the concepts we discussed. Thank you! “
Youssef Kamel

Head of Capital Markets and ALM

“Insightful, Interesting and informative. Delivered friendly and professional. Thank you! “

Khaled Yousry

Head of Financial Institutions & GTS

“A very successful leadership program. I believe each one of us gains a lot that will reflect on our self & ABK. “
Sherif Helal

Head of Financial Risk

“It is very useful and practical. In my opinion will make big difference in ABK upon applying it. “
Mohamed Abou Bakr

Head of Credit Risk

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