High Performance Teaming


at Toshiba Medical

Toshiba Medical Devices develops high-performing teams and exceeds customer expectations during rapid change



Toshiba was experiencing drastic growth during a time of great change related to technology and market demands. Critical to the success of the company was leadership performing at its highest level as a team aligned around shared goals. Time was of the essence and the company knew they had to bring leadership together if they were going to be successful.


Cross-functional teaming increased collaboration

Increased customer satisfaction, support, and follow-through


Stewart Leadership was brought in with the goal of building trust and confidence across various divisions needing to work together to achieve desired results for Toshiba’s customers. A four-day teaming experience brought 28 cross-functional leaders together from three various departments all responsible for developing new products, creating the go-to-market strategy, and training customers on the new technologies. A unique teaming experience was designed including in-class learning where skills, leadership principles, and team fundamentals were the focus, complemented with outdoor physical application in the mountains with competitions and trust-building activities.


Building a high-performing team ensured that these three departments collaborated with one another leveraging individual skills and strengths to persevere through drastically changing times. Customers benefited with increased satisfaction, support, and follow-through as a result of the internal Toshiba team operating towards shared goals. Although this four-day course was intended to be a one-time offering, Stewart Leadership was brought in multiple times over two years ensuring teams at Toshiba were operating at their highest levels.

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