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Employees at all levels of a large financial services firm were changing jobs more rapidly than ever before, with many choosing to leave the organization. Employees recognized that career advancement often meant seeking out new roles. Leaders began noticing a trend of employee requests for tools, resources, and guidance in managing their careers. In turn, managers needed to hold career conversations despite not being equipped to do so effectively.

At this point, the firm’s leaders knew they wanted to do everything possible to support their people’s growth and advancement – mainly because they understood it was critical to create a path for talent to stay and grow rather than seeing them leave. In seeking out solutions, they discovered the Career Management program offered by Stewart Leadership and selected us as their partner.

Stewart Leadership designed a custom workshop built around our Career Management Framework.

Employees expressed enthusiasm for the workshop and often asked, “When do I get to attend?”


When Stewart Leadership joined the team, the objective was to inspire employees to truly own their careers versus thinking someone else had the answers for them. Working closely with the firm’s leadership team, Stewart Leadership created a customized “Own Your Career” workshop explicitly designed for the firm’s employees.

Stewart Leadership could facilitate the four-hour workshop on-site or virtually and designed the course with flexibility in mind. Employees chose between four one-hour sessions or two two-hour sessions depending on what worked best in their schedule. The interactive workshop included pre-work to help participants frame their thoughts around three main questions: what they want to do, why they want to do it, and how they plan to achieve it. In addition to the workshop, Stewart Leadership included a 40-page Career Resource Guide to ensure this learning journey could continue outside of the “classroom.”


Once the “Own Your Career” workshop launched, the financial services firm’s leadership knew it was a hit. Leaders were offering the workshop a few times a year, but there was always a waiting list. In fact, the first few sessions immediately filled up on the first day employees could sign up!

As employees started to participate in the program, Stewart Leadership sought feedback and continued to improve the content accordingly. The workshop sparked so much excitement that HR started facilitating monthly learning labs that allowed participants to continue working together on their priorities for personal development. These labs supported the learning experience, expanded internal networks, and increased accountability to achieve milestones.