Blended Manager Development Program

Blended Manager
Development Program

A Midwest Manufacturing company invests in mid-level leaders and elevates managerial effectiveness across the organization


A major midwest manufacturing organization wanted to elevate managerial effectiveness in three identified areas: leading others, building a strong team, and career development for themselves and others. They made a strategic decision to invest in 150 mid-level leaders from across the company representing production, quality, finance, legal, marketing, human resources, engineering, IT, and sales. With a robust development offering already in place for employees, it was imperative that any new program did not duplicate other offerings internally. The company approached Stewart Leadership, looking for a solution that would align closely with the competencies outlined for this level of leadership and the values at the organizational level.

10-20% improvement within the first four months across all topics

25% of participants elect to continue group coaching sessions


In partnership, Stewart Leadership custom-designed and facilitated a four-month program featuring eight touchpoints, including a kick-off, workshops, one-on-one coaching, video microlearning, group coaching, and final presentations.

Participant’s managers attended the kick-off and the final presentation to provide support and active involvement. The program included a self-assessment and a manager assessment on the 15 topics covered to support a return-on-learning measurement.

Pre-work and post-work using video for each session kept the participants engaged and encouraged on-the-job application. A vital program feature was the involvement of executive leaders who participated in “fireside chats” as part of the workshop experience. And finally, an essential thread to the learning journey was integrating the program action planning process with the company action planning process to create a smooth, aligned, and supported individual development experience.


This program is ongoing with two to three cohorts having been delivered annually in an in-person, virtual, or combination of both with a typical size of 16-18 leaders. These cohorts are highly cross-functional, with representation across all three shifts.

Consistently, all 15 modules of the program show improvement from start to finish by participants and their managers. Data shows the topic areas typically improving from 10% to 20% over the four-month program. The program also has an ongoing impact on learning as 25% of past participants choose to continue their group coaching sessions. This has kept the participant network strong across the organization and has allowed a peer-to-peer learning opportunity from others experiencing similar challenges or similar development interests.

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