Accelerated Leadership Development


at ZS Associates

ZS Associates accelerates the development of its leadership team to accelerate its growth across the globe

Our Custom Approaches

“Originally I was skeptical for value, but the facilitator, structure, participation made it quite engaging.”


A global Information Technology (IT) consulting firm was experiencing significant growth. Knowing the enormous potential and need for scaling its IT leadership team capability, ZS wanted to strengthen and support its leadership to grow skills in current roles and accelerate growth and potential for future leadership opportunities. Goals for the program included:

  • Strengthening leadership self-awareness
  • Building leadership presence including communication, decision-making, and accountability
  • Developing skills in managing conflict, giving feedback, and delegating appropriately
  • Growing organization, time management, and presentation skills.

100% of Participants Made Progress on Action Plans

Rated 4.5 of 5 for Overall Value


Stewart Leadership began by conducting assessment interviews with IT leaders to validate and prioritize leadership development topics and program focus.

Next, the LEAD NOW Self-Assessment was administered to all 30 IT leaders. One-on-one coaching sessions were conducted with each leader to debrief results and create an individual action plan to prioritize individual development throughout the program.

Three virtual workshops were then custom designed and delivered over the course of four months. Workshops were highly interactive and included leaders from India and the United States. In between workshops, group coaching sessions were held with 5 to 6 leaders at a time to share learnings among leaders, provide coaching to individual action plans, and reinforce concepts and skills from the workshops. Prior to workshops leaders viewed LEAD NOW! Videos to introduce key concepts and skills.


The program was extremely well-received by participants, earning a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating for overall value. Participants found the most value from the workshops and peer coaching sessions, supplemented by the self-assessment and LEAD NOW! Development resources. 100% of participants made progress on their action plans, with 2 out of 3 stating they made strong or significant progress.

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