Making the Leap to Management

January 30, 2024

Making the Leap to Management

Making the leap from individual contributor to manager can be one of the most significant–and challenging–steps in a career.

It’s so challenging, in fact, that it will take Daniel and Peter two episodes to talk about it.

In part one, Daniel and Peter share some recent insights and reminisce about their grad school experiences before talking about the skillsets new managers need.

Tune in to learn:

  • The biggest myth about leadership
  • The one piece of advice every new manager needs
  • The two pieces of advice for leaders who are leading new managers

Be sure to tune in for Episode 4, where Daniel and Peter share the rest of the skillsets every new manager needs.

In this Episode:

1:30 – Insight of the Week

8:17 – Memory Lane: Practical Lessons From Grad School

14:45 – Topic: First Time Managers (Part 1)

31:01 – Lightning Round


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