Organization Transformation


at Qorvo

Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity business unit transforms its organization to accelerate growth through its differentiating technologies


Three years post-acquisition, Qorvo’s wireless connectivity business unit encountered challenges with continuing to scale, grow design wins, and increase revenue. Organizational effectiveness was questionable and Qorvo was eager to prioritize transformational changes that would drive results. Knowing they had enormous potential for growth, and wanting to quickly make improvements to their organizational effectiveness, Qorvo senior executives approach Stewart Leadership seeking a solution.

Design wins increased by 27% ($70M)

On-time delivery stabilized within targets


Stewart Leadership started by conducting a comprehensive organization assessment in order to identify key changes the organization would need to make to achieve its goals. Stewart Leadership included a wide segment of the organization to increase buy-in and ease implementation and change management.

The assessment phase included a custom survey, in-person and virtual focus groups as well as interviews conducted globally across several regions. Results were then summarized and prioritized into a comprehensive report with major strategic themes as well as trends across several demographics, including functions and regions.

Organizational Design sessions were then custom-facilitated and conducted to develop a strategic concept and design. Stewart Leadership then worked with leaders at Qorvo to expand on the organization design and engage the entire business unit executive team. The timing of the sessions allowed for an iterative approach to gather cross-organization input and socialize potential solutions.

Ultimately, Stewart Leadership created an implementation and launch plan that included the initial organization structure, rationale for decisions made, and change management recommendations. We then conducted a kickoff presentation and delivered it across three global regions and included sustainment recomendatations and options to further stabilize changes and ensure longer-term progress.


Qorvo’s leadership team ensured that as they implemented changes they secured buy-in at each step and that employees understood the reason for each change. Since the start of the process there have been several promotions and positive talent movement within Qorvo, and a best-fit organization has been designed to allow for scaling and growth.

Truly, a new day has dawned for the business unit. Six months post-implementation design wins have increased by $70M (27%) and on-time delivery has stabilized in line with targets.

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