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The Executive Vice President said that the growth and changes of the students this year were surprising and satisfying.


Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., LTD., is the world’s leading supplier of cobalt and cobalt products with a focus on four industrial areas:

  • rare metal resources,
  • new materials,
  • environmental protection resources,
  • and circulation recoverable resources.

The vision of Huayou is to become the world’s leading company of lithium electric materials as the world works to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

In the past four years, the average annual revenue of Huayou has increased by more than 100%. In order to achieve the development goals Huayou committed to in 2020, Huayou plans to add ten times its current staff within the next five years. This dramatic increase in staffing means they need to develop 60-80 quality managers each year.

68% increase in managers promoted compared to prior year

Leadership development program won the highest award


Huayou created the “Wolf Warrior” Manager Training Program using the Stewart Leadership LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model. They selected several managers from secondary departments in each of the four major focus areas of the organization who managed a single function department with the goal of transforming them into leaders with the skills to manage multiple functional departments.

Four tailor-made workshops were delivered, as well as monthly online follow up coaching designed to further advance the learning through a blend of coaching, feedback, practice, and evaluation of learning progress. In concert with the training, these managers applied their new skills with multiple functions in their growing roles, continuing to practice leadership through real-world application.


By the end of the program, 38 of the 57 participants had been promoted, a 68% increase rate compared with 2019. The Executive Vice President said that the leadership growth and behavioral change of the students this year was both surprising and satisfying.

In the same year, the leadership development program won the highest award in the annual management project selection of Huayou Cobalt Industry. It also won the gold medal in the final of China Learning Design Competition (one of the most recognized training industry platforms in China).

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