Executive Team Development at CSL

Executive Team Development at CSL

Case Study

CSL removes silos, unifies and grows business on every level of the organization.


A health care organization was in the midst of implementing completely new HR and finance systems. Their new system, Workday, a human capital and financial management software vendor, was not receiving mind-share from the leadership team and employees were unaware of the impending changes. The client described an opt-out culture that was being replaced with a culture of creating organizational excellence. The program management office for the Workday implementation provided limited change support. Also, the internal change lead was new to the organization and new to a structured change management approach. The client was in need of a customized change approach that leveraged their internal strengths and utilized industry best practices. They wanted sound strategies for change and applicable tools to implement throughout the lifecycle of the Workday project implementation.

CSL Limited is Hong Kong’s first mobile communications operator established in 1983. A private company, it launched the world’s first dual band 4G LTE with DC-HSPA+ network with the brands 1O1O, csl, and SUN Mobile. CSL is part of HKT Group, a Hong Kong telecommunications service provider.


When Stewart Leadership was brought in, the plan of attack was to focus solely on the senior executive leadership team, unifying and developing it, eliminating silos and developing a more market focused and responsive team that supported one another and the business. Over the course of a year, Stewart Leadership met with, interviewed, assessed, and individually coached each member of the executive team. Through the use of the content in the Stewart Leadership Book Series, the LEAD NOW! 360 Assessments, and 3 multi-day off-sites tailored to building a high-performing team, the leadership team was transformed.


The client embraced the change management strategies and tactics with assurance that they would be able to lead their employees through a successful Workday implementation. Clarity and confidence was built using assessment data and a structured change methodology and a detailed change plan. Project team members endorsed the additional change support. Through executive stakeholder management, alignment was gained around the need for change and how to successfully prepare employees for the Workday implementation. Gaps were identified and closed in the training strategies and approach. The client mentioned that the change management plan, along with its leadership and caregiver alignment activities, was the most organized and focused element of the project team.

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