LEAD NOW! Book Series


Based upon the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model, created from interviews, coaching, training, research, and feedback from more than 20,000 leaders worldwide over a period of more than three decades, the Award-winning Stewart Leadership Series is a tool kit for the time starved leader.

Together these books are powerful tools with quick, easy to grasp, practical concepts that blend and reinforce the principles of a successful leader that will improve your leadership abilities and those of your organization. This model breaks down the essential 21 Leadership Dimensions of an effective and successful leader, and shows you, as the reader, how to capitalize on your strengths and stop your weaker areas from holding you back.

As you explore the series, you will observe how the essential aspects of leadership are weaved together through coaching tips, gems, and lessons to provide a comprehensive and personalized leadership development plan that will be unique only to you. Successful leadership encompasses all 21 dimensions, and the series was written to help you leverage your strong dimensions and develop your weaker ones.

All three eBook formats (EPUB for smartphones and eReaders, MOBI for Kindle eReaders and tablets, and PDF for Adode Reader on any Mac, PC, and smartphones)

Discounts are available on 100+ copies. Email contact@stewartleadership.com to learn more.

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