Classroom Package

The LEAD NOW! Classroom Package offers a solid foundation for your organization to further build and refine the skills of your new and experienced leaders.

Classroom package

Designed to be practical, quick, and easy-to-use, the LEAD NOW! Classroom Package offers critical leadership skills for everyday situations. It is derived from our comprehensive leadership development model created by authors and experts Daniel Stewart and John Parker Stewart.

Designed just for you

The classroom package is designed to give you the flexibility to lead a session over the entire LEAD NOW! program or break out the modules to cover only the skills you want to instruct on. The materials can accommodate:

  • On-site training
  • Virtual training
  • Combination of both

The package includes unlimited duplication rights of the support materials located on the DVD or USB. The complete mini-video modules, gems, lessons, and tips have been mapped to short discussion starters and learning aids.


LEAD NOW! Program

The LEAD NOW! method is based on 50 years of leadership development and coaching experience, 8.000 surveys from executives, managers, and employees, and a simple, but powerful, visual model.


22 Mini-Video Modules

Narrated by John and Daniel Stewart (6-8 minutes each)


42 Leadership Gems

Easy-to-remember phrases supported by stories and ancedotes


21 Individual Development Plans

Development plans with step-by-step instructions and experiential assignments


22 Leadership Lessons

Powerful stories that illustrate and support each dimension/competency


150+ Leadership Power Tips

Additional suggestions for practice, discussion, and coaching


Options to Purchase

Self or 360 Assessments, print, or digital books, and Certification training

LEAD NOW! Classroom package Contents

dvd or usb image


Both the DVD and USB come equipped with a full menu for easy identification and use of all the materials in the Classroom Package. Choose the DVD or USB based on your organizations training and technological needs.

icon of LEAD NOW! Facilitator Notes

Facilitator's Notes

The Facilitator’s Notes offer step-by-step assistance with sample agendas, exercises to engage learners, and activities to offer learners the opportunity to practice their new leadership skills. Each sections has clips identified along with time estimates.

icon of LEAD NOW! participant worksheets

Participant Worksheets

The Participant Worksheets are the companion to the Facilitator Notes and will enhance the classroom training sessions. Learners will build their own development plans, record their thoughts to reflection questions, and take notes during small group activities.

icon of LEAD NOW! slide deck on computer monitor

Slide Deck

The Slide Deck makes delivering this Classroom Package simple. It encompasses slides for each module and prompts activities with built-in reminders. Use all or a few of the slides to customize your training session.

icon of LEAD NOW! Dimension Survey

Dimension/ Competency Survey

Help your learners identify which leadership skill areas to work on through the use of the Dimension Survey. It uses a short and easy ranking system to show which dimensions need development. The Dimension Survey can also be used before a classroom session to pinpoint which dimensions to cover.

Icon of desk-reference depicting the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model

Desk Reference

The Desk Reference is a print-ready PDF that can be given as a job-aid to each participant. It depicts the four leadership quadrants and the associated dimensions of the LEAD NOW! Model.

LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model

The LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model is based on 50 years of collective management and leadership coaching experience with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other worldwide organizations.

The simple, yet comprehensive, model is built from surveys of 8,000 executives, managers, supervisors, and employees who were asked to rank their perceptions of the most important behaviors of an ideal leader. From this work and research, the model was designed and it has proven to be a successful model for leadership development.

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