LEAD NOW! Experience Workshop

Learn how to become a complete leader, delivering both people and business results.

Now more than ever in today’s challenging business world – a leader’s capability to deliver business results is even more critical. To be an effective leader – one must deliver more than results. A leader must be able to manage and develop important relationships to cultivate performance across the team.

LEAD NOW! Workshop Benefits

This workshop will help you lead change and gain an understanding of the four key relationships for every leader, along with the key leadership dimensions to leverage and flex in order to develop these important relationships. The workshop includes engaging group activities and peer learning opportunities to develop a leader’s ability to apply key principles and share best practices.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a complete leader.
  • Understand the LEAD NOW! Model and important leadership behaviors in all four quadrants.
  • Become aware of the four key relationships important to every leader and the key success factors to cultivate those relationships.
  • Prepare a detailed individual plan to improve leadership capability.

Workshop Delivery

This 2 day interactive workshop can be delivered on-site or virtually using 4 half-day modules. It’s designed to teach and apply what it takes to be a leader who achieves both business and people results. This workshop’s agenda includes:


Introduction of the Four Key Relationships for a Leader


Introduction to the LEAD NOW! Model


Debrief of the LEAD NOW! Self-Assessment results


Review of each of the four LEAD NOW! Quadrants and 21 dimensions


Create an Individual Action Plan


Participants will receive a personalized leadership assessment and the award-winning LEAD NOW! Book.

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