Back to the Future of Work: How to Embrace the New World of Work

Back to the future of work

How to embrace the new world of work
cover of white paper with title and image of hybrid work

What are the strategic implications of hybrid work and the future workplace?

What are the ways HR needs to change perspectives on hybrid work and modeling or planning for hybrid workers?

What are the markers of success that leadership can use to evaluate the progress around hybrid work implementation?

Leaders, human resource professionals, and employees have a once-in-a-generation chance to shape, mold, and define what work looks like going forward. The current pivot to hybrid work could shape what work looks like for the next several generations.

In this whitepaper, we share:

  • employee personas you can use to describe and identify hybrid and remote workers
  • how HR can mediate the conversation around hybrid work and help manage the pace of change
  • how the shift to remote and hybrid models impacts four key groups; executive leadership, human resources, individual leaders, and employees
  • markers of success that leaders should look for on their team to identify success in hybrid work implementation
  • a model for change that is the Flux Capacitor of the Future of Work
  • practical tips for successful hybrid work adoption

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