Managing Stress &
Building Resilience

Custom In-House workshop

Learn to be present, avoid burnout, and have confidence in the future.

about this workshop

How much stress do you have these days and how do you manage it?

Sometimes, stress can be exhilarating and help us rise to new heights. And yet other times, stress can weigh us down and prevent us from being our best selves at work and home. This is especially true for periods of prolonged stress within the organization, team, or society.

Learning to manage stress, particularly in uncertain circumstances, is critical to being present for your team and customers, avoiding burnout for you and others, and displaying confidence in the future.

In this engaging and insightful course, each leader will learn to identify causes and impacts of stress, develop and apply individualized coping and reframing skills, and create a resilience plan to promote self-care and renewal for the future.

Who Should Attend?

Entry, Mid, and Senior-level operational and support leaders seeking to strengthen their personal ability to manage stress and to promote resiliency and self-care for their team members


 3.5 hours – delivered virtually or on-site


 4 PDC credits provided to SHRM certified professionals

Course Benefits


In-Depth Knowledge

Understand the opportunities and challenges of stressful situations and thier impact on our health and mindset, as individuals and as teams.


Real-World Tools

Learn research-based coping strategies for yourself and members of your team to use during periods of intense stress.


Prevent Burnout

Identify the signs of burnout and what can be done to prevent and heal from it.


Build Awareness

Be more present for those you care about at work and at home.


Develop Resiliance

Learn to develop a more confident and hopeful outlook – even during challenging times.


Continuing Support

Personalize the application of the material with a follow-up 45 minute 1:1 coaching session with the workshop facilitator.

Managing Stress & Building Resilience
course outline

This course will cover these topics in an interactive and highly engaging way. To ensure maximum collaboration, learning, and individualized attention, the class size is kept small and participants make progress on real-world challenges while in class. 


  • Discuss good and bad stress and its impact on our bodies, minds, and performance as a leader.
  • Complete the online Stress Quotient assessment to identify the seven major sources of organizational anxiety for yourself and your team.
  • Identify your personal stress triggers and develop a resilience plan to enable you to show up as a confident leader.
  • Learn and apply research-based coping, reframing, and self-advocacy skills.
  • Learn how to identify, communicate, and manage team members who may show signs of burnout.
  • Create a personal action plan for immediate application and have a 1 on 1 coaching session after the workshop to ensure support your plan.

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“Stewart Leadership presented material in a thoughtful way that allowed participants to see the point that was being raised before it was overtly stated.”

David Baran

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