a culture of engagement

Custom In-House workshop

Ensure that every member of your team feels they belong.

about this workshop

Every organization has a culture—the question is what is your organizational culture and does it enable success for your employees, leaders, teams, and strategies?  Leading organizations actively design and manage their culture as a strategic, financial, and people advantage. 

In this engaging and insightful course, you will learn the power of culture, what it is, how to identify it, and how to shape it.  Through practical tools, valuable insights, and enlightening stories, you will leave with a plan to improve your culture to attract, develop, and retain people to deliver future growth. 

Whether it is for your team, department, or organization, gaining the tools to design and build an aligned and engaged culture is one of the most powerful investments any leader can make! 

Who Should Attend?

Mid- to Senior-level human resources leaders and others charged with cultivating and leading a culture of engagement.


3.5 hours – delivered virtually or on-site


4 PDC credits provided to SHRM certified professionals

Course Benefits


In-Depth Knowledge

Gain insight on what defines a great culture and what leaders can do every day to create and reinforce a culture of engagement.


Establish Metrics

Identify how to measure your team, department, or organization’s culture using a practical eight dimension culture model.


Real-world tools

Build skills to align key people processes like recruiting, development, managing, and retention around a common culture, values, and mission.


Immediate Application

Discover no-cost ways to create an engaging and committed culture.


Continuing Support

45 minute 1-1 coaching follow up with the course facilitator to support development and application of the material.


Best Practices

Learn best practices from leading organizations in how they reshaped and turned around their culture to create a competitive advantage.

Course Outline

This course will cover these topics in an interactive and highly engaging way. To ensure maximum collaboration, learning, and individualized attention, the class size is kept small and participants make progress on real-world challenges while in class. 


  • Discuss why culture matters, the three occurances of when culture is most visible, the approach to identify culture in your own team or department, and how to best shape and align it.
  • Identify your current and desired team or department culture using an insightful eight-dimension culture model – which gives you a behavioral snapshot and roadmap for future culture work.
  • Apply proven culture shaping tools with real-life examples as you develop your team’s culture statement.
  • Learn from leading organizations on how to manage cultures during different situations including: high-growth, merging or acquiring another team, new leadership, or intense change/ uncertainty.
  • Develop a clear action plan for strengthening the culture of your team, department, and organization.
  • Engage in a follow up 45-minute 1 on 1 coaching session to put your knowledge into practice.

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Jim A. – President