Building Your
Emotional Intelligence

Custom In-House workshop

Learn to be an effective, empathetic, and influential leader.

about this workshop

The higher up in an organization you go, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often the determining factor of leadership success.

Learning how to understand the emotions of others and knowing how to manage your own emotional reactions is critical to how you manage others, develop your career, and be authentic at home and at work.

In this engaging workshop, you will strengthen your EQ skills and identify ways to be a more effective, empathetic, and influential leader.

Who Should Attend?

Mid- to Senior-level operational, support, and HR leaders who are responsible for developing employees and/or leading teams.


 3.5 hours – delivered virtually or on-site


 4 PDC credits provided to SHRM certified professionals

Course Benefits


In-Depth Knowledge

Understand why Emotional Intelligence is so powerful in building relationships and helping you rise to your potential.


Individual Insight

Identify your personal strengths and opportunities with a certified Emotional Intelligence assessment.


Real-World Tools

Learn tips and techniques to improve your EQ along with ways to reframe how you respond to stress or challenging circumstances.


Detailed action plan

Develop your own personal resilience plan that will enable you to be a more effective leader, relate better to others, and communicate more clearly.


Continuing Support

 45 minute 1-1 coaching follow up with the course facilitator to support development and application of the material.


Peer Learning

Learn from peers and develop your network.

Building Your Emotional Intelligence
course outline

This course will cover these topics in an interactive and highly engaging way. To ensure maximum collaboration, learning, and individualized attention, the class size is kept small and participants make progress on real-world challenges while in class. 


  • Identify the five elements of Emotional Intelligence and why they are critical to a leader’s success.
  • Utilize a certified online Emotional Intelligence assessment to receive a comprehensive report on your EQ strengths and opportunities.
  • Discuss the brain science behind EQ, identify your personal triggers, and learn ways to manage them during times of stress or discomfort.
  • Practice reframing real life, challenging situations through activities with other participants.
  • Create your personal resilience plan that enables you to show up as a stronger leader.
  • Leave with tools and a personal action plan for your EQ development and have a follow up 45-minute, 1 on 1 coaching session.

“The course was one of the best I’ve ever attended. I wouldn’t change any aspect. “

Steve Padgett – Program director

ASRC Federal