Building the Employee
Experience (EX) in Your Organization

Custom In-House workshop

Learn to design an exceptional employee experience.


about this workshop

Leading organizations are designing and managing the entire Employee Experience (EX) to positively impact business and people results. The EX is so much more than engagement or satisfaction surveys.

In the fullest sense, it captures the critical ups and downs of an employee’s journey with your organization – especially at the key moments that matter. As you strive to do with customers – do as well or better with employees.

Ensuring exceptional EX at critical points like during recruitment, first-day on the job, career development conversations, and supervisor interactions builds the needed employee commitment and strategic focus.

Who Should Attend?

Mid- to Senior-level human resources leaders and others with the charge for leading and cultivating world-class employee experience.


 3.5 hours – delivered virtually or on-site


 4 PDC credits provided to SHRM certified professionals

Course Benefits


In-Depth Knowledge

Gain proven tools to influence EX that will support you in strengthening your culture and organization in alignment with your strategy.


Immediate Application

Build skills that can be immediately applied to improving employee experience.


Real-World Tools

Learn an EX framework that enables you to learn the strengths and opportunities for your organization.


Best Practices

Learn best practices from other leading organizations on EX.


Expert facilitation

Learn from an Employee Experience expert with over 15 years experience leading and consulting in the field.


Continuing support

 45 minute, 1:1 coaching follow up with the course facilitator to support development and application of the material.

Building the Employee Experience (EX) course outline

This course will cover these topics in an interactive and highly engaging way. To ensure maximum collaboration, learning, and individualized attention, the class size is kept small and participants make progress on real-world challenges while in class. 


  • Introduction to EX – what it is and why it matters.
  • Stewart EX Framework – a simple yet comprehensive way to think about EX .
  • Mix of case study / class member real-world projects to build skills and practice leveraging tools.
  • EX success stories from other organizations.
  • A clear action plan for strengthening your EX in your team, department, and organization.

Want to Know More?

“Stewart Leadership uses a lot of tangible examples to make the messages and tools relevant, and therefore easier to digest and utilize! “


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