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Custom In-House workshop

Learn to lead with a results-driven mindset.

about this workshop

Organizations and leaders that promote accountability are more successful and productive. They typically have higher engagement and lower turnover.

However, leaders can be unclear or unprepared on how to set clear expectations around key priorities, provide actionable feedback, and consistently follow up to create high levels of trust and dependability.

In this course, you will learn what accountability is, how to promote it in your organization, and how to become more accountable to yourself and others. In essence, you will learn the essential tools to elevate the performance and engagement of your team.

Who Should Attend?

Any level of manager or leader within an operational or support function who has responsibility to lead and develop others on a permanent or project basis.


3.5 hours – delivered virtually or on-site


4 PDC credits provided to SHRM certified professionals

Course Benefits


In-Depth Knowledge

Understand what accountability is, what it is not, and the benefits of leading with a results-driven mindset.


Overcome Excuses

Replace blaming and excuses with ownership and reliability.


Real-World Tools

Apply the cycle of accountability where people know what is expected of them, have the skills and feedback to do their job, and deliver results.


Stronger Teams

Develop a culture of accountability on the team.


Hands-On Practice

Build skills required for accountability including goal setting, giving and receiving feedback, prioritization, and delegation.


Continuing Support

 45 minute, 1:1 coaching follow up with the course facilitator to support development and application of the material.

Accountability For Results
course outline

This course will cover these topics in an interactive and highly engaging way. To ensure maximum collaboration, learning, and individualized attention, the class size is kept small and participants make progress on real-world challenges while in class. 


  • Discuss the importance and value of accountability to an employee, team, and organization.
  • Learn the performance management cycle and establish clear expectations for each team member.
  • Practice giving effective, behavior-based feedback from a positive and also constructive perspective.
  • Identify ways to build ownership in your team or department and prevent victim thinking.
  • Discuss how to overcome excuses and problem-oriented thinking with a solution-oriented mindset.
  • Learn best practices from leading organizations and teams on setting goals, prioritizing, and following up.
  • Create an action plan to strengthen your individual and team accountability.
  • Engage in a follow up 45-minute 1 on 1 coaching session to put your knowledge into practice.

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“Stewart Leadership provided awesome information and insight into leadership tools and techniques which are directly and immediately applicable to my role. “

DK – Vice President

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