Teaming for Success Assessment

Quickly and accurately identify the strengths and opportunities of teams in order to increase collaboration, build cohesion and drive high-performance. 

Teaming for Success Assessment

Stewart Leadership’s Teaming for Success Assessment enables team leaders and team members to accurately and quickly identify the strengths and opportunities of their team to drive high performance. This assessment is an action-oriented, real-world-tested approach for providing team leaders with impactful feedback for improvement.

This Teaming for Success assessment is ideal for:

  • Companies desiring to create a culture of teaming and collaboration 
  • Teams that are stuck, experiencing a high level of dysfunction, or not accomplishing results
  • Team leaders who are creating or inheriting a new team
  • Senior leaders seeking to elevate the level of executive team performance
  • Organizations that believe collaboration is the key to achieving their growth strategies 
  • Team leaders seeking clear and tailored personal leadership growth

Assessment Highlights:

  • Assessment type: Behavioral team assessment available in individual or team reports
  • Time to complete: 15-20 minutes 
  • Format: Online survey of 63 questions and 3 short answer responses 
  • Results identified by 9 Team Dimensions across 5 Team Phases of Team Development 
  • Team Tips and Questions by Team Dimension to guide team improvement 
  • Personalized Team Action Plan based on result

Teaming for success Assessment goals

Once the assessment has been completed, team leaders and team members receive a comprehensive, personalized report of results. A certified consultant will review the assessment results with the team, partner to create a team action plan, and translate the feedback into clear and measurable steps for sustained and accountable team improvement.

The Teaming for Success Assessment enables you and your team to become more cohesive, more engaged, and more effective in achieving higher performance!

Stewart Leadership’s Team Performance Wheel

Creating and leading effective teams is a critical skill for today’s leaders and organizations. The Teaming Performance Wheel paints a vivid and fluid picture of what great teaming is and also the phases required to achieve it.

This practical and action-oriented model outlines the development process for teams through five phases. Introduced and applied during our Teaming for Success workshop, the Team Performance Wheel will elevate you and your teams to higher levels of success!


Defines the team’s purpose and context.


Covers structure, plans, people, and resources.


Emphasizes morale, behaviors, and communication.


Focuses on obtaining, sustaining, and celebrating results.


Moves the team forward as they manage and respond together in changing times.

Stewart Leadership Teaming for Success Model

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