52 Leadership Lessons is a collection of entertaining and intriguing stories from nature, history, and business that inspire and drive critical and essential leadership principles for today’s current and future leaders. Each story is directly tied into the 21 essential leadership dimensions of successful leadership.

This book tells the story of each Lesson followed by the leadership application. The Lessons are labeled by the relevant Leadership Dimensions with which they are associated, and illustrate how to develop each dimension specifically. It is a powerful and motivational coaching toolkit for all executives, managers, supervisors, and future leaders.

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Book Details

228 pages
ISBN: 978-1-930771-39-0
Published: 2012
All three eBook formats (EPUB for smartphones and eReaders, MOBI for Kindle eReaders and tablets, and PDF for Adode Reader on any Mac, PC, and smartphones)
“Based upon their coaching of tens of thousands of leaders over multiple decades, Stewart Leadership has masterfully summarized the solutions you need to be a successful leader. The Stewart Leadership Series will take your team to the next level of performance! Enjoy it. Use it. Profit from it!” – Lewis L. Bird III, CEO, Garden Ridge, Former Nike Group President

“The Stewart Leadership Series provides the answers that leaders are seeking for today’s challenges. Stewart Leadership’s training taught us how to manage the complex shuttle preparation process at half the cost – saving hundreds of millions a year! They are the best that I have encountered in developing leaders!” – Jay F. Honeycutt, Former Center Director (CEO), Kennedy Space Center – NASA

“This book demands reflection and thoughtful introspection but will reward the reader with a wealth of knowledge, insight and growth that typically takes years to develop. Keep this book close to you, visit it often and give it the time and reflection it deserves, if you truly want to develop your leadership skills.” – Portland Book Review

“Fortunately for busy executives strapped for reading time, this book replaces blocks of text with short, punchy, numbered tips written in plain English, allowing harried executives to stop reading at any point and pick up later where they left off.” – Kirkus Book Review