Leadership Coaching

Are you a new leader and desire to hit the ground running? Do you want to build your leadership capability for future positions? Are you seeking to improve your leadership performance in your current role? Stewart Leadership partners with leaders through one-on-one coaching to optimize their impact on business and people results. Leadership Coaching builds and sustains individual leadership development because it tailors an action plan to each leader, follows up and evaluates actions, and connects learning to on-the-job experiences.

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Coaching is a partnership and is focused on the client needs and desired outcomes. Using the LEAD NOW! model, we coach you through the process of identifying and improving the behaviors needed to increase your success in leading others and provide the tools to achieve your desired organizational results. Coaching engagements typically last 6-12 months with 1-3 coaching sessions each month. It can occur over the phone or in person. It can be part of a larger leadership program or as a separate effort. We follow a five-step coaching process:

  1. Discovery: Identify initial focus areas and expectations, meet with boss
  2. Assessment: Conduct interviews, assessments, and intake session
  3. Action Plan: Confirm focus areas, actions, and timeline
  4. Development: Hold coaching sessions to implement Individual Action Plan
  5. Results: Evaluate progress, report back to boss, and celebrate successes

Partner with us today in taking your leadership abilities to the next level in any of the following ways:

  • Leadership Transition Coaching & Onboarding: Helping a leader be successful in the first 90-120 days
  • Leadership Performance Coaching: Helping leaders overcome gaps in current role
  • Leadership Development Coaching: Helping high potential leaders prepare for future leadership roles