Erin Ellis
Executive Coach & Consultant

About Erin Ellis

Erin Ellis is a seasoned professional with a passion for empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential. With extensive experience as an Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator, and HR Consultant, Erin has successfully guided hundreds of clients through transformative journeys of growth and success.

As an Executive Coach, Erin possesses a unique ability to connect with leaders at all levels, from emerging leaders to C-suite members. With a focus on fostering self-awareness, strategic thinking, and interpersonal skills, Erin empowers leaders to overcome challenges and achieve peak performance. Through personalized coaching sessions, Erin helps clients leverage their strengths and address areas of development, leading to enhanced leadership effectiveness and organizational impact.

As a skilled Leadership Development Facilitator, Erin designs and delivers engaging workshops and programs tailored to the specific needs of each organization. Drawing on a deep understanding of contemporary leadership principles, Erin equips teams and individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate complex business environments successfully.

In the realm of HR consulting, Erin is recognized for providing strategic guidance and practical solutions to businesses of various sizes and industries. By aligning HR practices with organizational objectives, Erin drives talent development and engagement initiatives that lead to tangible business outcomes.

Erin graduated from the University of New Haven with a Master of Arts in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Albright College. She is a practitioner and coach for many assessments, including DISC, Birkman Method, LEAD NOW! and Working Genius. In addition, Erin has practiced all aspects of talent development in-house with General Electric Company and Hertz Corporation, and as a consultant & coach with numerous clients in industries such as financial services, software, pharma, bio tech, healthcare IT, energy, pest control, hospitality, packaged foods, fin tech, manufacturing, and medical.

When not engaged in transformative work with clients, Erin enjoys traveling, running, hiking, skiing, and watching (and sometimes playing) soccer in Florida or Maine with her husband and two sons.