John Parker Stewart
Founder and CEO
John Parker Stewart

About John Parker Stewart

Executive Consultant, Government Orals Coach, Award Winning Author, Trainer & Keynote Speaker

John Parker Stewart is the founder and CEO of Stewart Leadership, which he started in 1980. He is globally recognized as a leadership coach, consultant, educator, speaker, and team performance specialist. Under his guidance, Stewart Leadership is recognized internationally for its feedback assessments, training tools, and solid, results-focused coaching services designed to guide teams and individuals to adapt, grow, and reach new levels of performance.

John has coached and trained tens of thousands of leaders worldwide, including CEOs, presidents, military, government, and business leaders, resulting in significant, measured improvement in individual and team performance.

John began his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado, finished his bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University, and earned his master’s degree in Organizational Communication, where he wrote his thesis at Parliament in London. He began his doctoral work and teaching at Michigan State University and continued doctoral studies under management guru Peter Drucker in Executive Performance and Leadership at Claremont Graduate School.

John started his career managing leadership and management development for 86,000 employees at Lockheed Corp. He was selected “National Trainer of the Year” by the American Society for Training and Development (ATD). In addition to training and coaching all levels of management at Kennedy Space Center over an eight-year period during the high-pressure space shuttle program, John has worked with organizations including Citibank, Chevron, Lockheed Martin, Toshiba, CSL-Hong Kong, Xerox, GM, Kaiser Permanente, Telstra-Australia, U.S. Department of Energy, Shell, and other government agencies and commercial firms.

John has published several articles, manuals, workbooks, and the three-book award-winning Stewart Leadership Series. His title book, Lead Now! A Personal Coaching Guide for Results-Driven Leaders won the National Indie Excellence Award for the best leadership book published over the last five years. His 52 Leadership Lessons is also nationally recognized. John’s latest book is titled Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations, published by Wiley and Sons. This book is an essential tool for orals teams seeking to win government contracts, as well as a valuable guide for presenters in any field.

John lives with his wife, Debra, near Portland, Oregon, and has four sons and sixteen grandchildren.