Fiona Passantino
Executive Consultant & Coach
Fiona Passantino

About Fiona Passantino

Fiona is a specialist AI coach and consulting, helping to empower Human professionals with AI integration and strategy to maximize our workplace leadership capabilities. She upgrades communication, connection, engagement, and creativity by enabling you and your team with the tools of tomorrow.

Fiona works with leaders and teams as an executive coach, consultant, and trainer. After a long career in Corporate Communications and Human Resources, working for Danone, Philips, NN-Group, PostNL and Achmea, Fiona now spends her time actively researching and staying current on all things AI to benefit her “non-technical” clients across the globe.

Her interest in the promise of AI was sparked during her 2019 MBA from the University of Amsterdam, which featured an AI concentration. She is the host of the podcast “Working Humans” and the UK Business Book Award-winning author of Comic Books for Executives. Her upcoming book is titled “AI-Powered Professional.” An American who has called Europe her home for over 20 years, she resides with her family in the Netherlands.


In-Company intensive “AI Day”
A live, intensive, and fun learning event for any and all levels. The focus for the “AI Day” is increased awareness, understanding, and integration of AI to increase individual, team, and organizational productivity and innovation. The day can be customized for the audience and typically starts with a keynote followed by hands-on workshops that lead to a practical organizational integration roadmap and the foundation for AI governance and application.

1:1 AI Coaching
Learn the AI tools, their applications, strengths and limitations, and how you, your team and your company can position yourself for the future. A 4–6-month journey of weekly to biweekly sessions with clear goals, follow ups, and support. Ideal for those planning or actively integrating AI initiatives to stay ahead of the competition as well as providing increasing value to customers and internal effectiveness.

AI Executive Training
AI Integration workshops addresses key topics such as AI education, maturity assessment, upskilling, governance, and building a strategic roadmap for a sustainable, cyclical transition. Whether you’re a seasoned people leader or a starter non-technical professional, this suite of training options makes it easy.