Pascal Maygnan MBA, CPCC, ACC
Executive Consultant & Coach

Pascal Maygnan MBA, CPCC, ACC

Pascal is a seasoned and current senior executive and a passionate believer of authentic leadership and how it impacts people’s success and growth. As an executive and team coach, Pascal supports leaders and their teams in becoming aware of their strengths and values, dealing with their self–limiting beliefs, communicating effectively, strengthening their empathy and collaboration, stepping up courageously and taking action to enhance their performance and their leadership presence as well as that of their team, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and work/life balance.
With 25 years of international experience in a variety of finance leadership positions at Spie–Batignolles, Hewlett–Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Cerner and Oracle, where he focused on people development and strategic and financial management, Pascal has an in–depth knowledge of how a company and itsexecutive teams work, and the challenges faced by these organizations in an international and ever–changing environment. Pascal’s experience both internationally and as a senior executive allows him to understand the issues of executive management teams and the daily professional and personal challenges these leaders face.
For the past 15 years, Pascal has been leading and developing multi–cultural finance teams internationally. His passion for leadership and personal development comes to the full benefitof his clients when he works with their teams and support them in creating an environment of collaboration, accountability, and high performance.
Pascal’s key value as a coach is that he is still currently an active senior executive, ensuring that his breadth of knowledge and experience is not theoretical but practical and driven from real life situations and experiences.
Pascal is praised by his coaching clients for his empathy and his ability to listen. His strategic vision and his ability to work withsenior C–level executives have earned him a reputation and strong credibility in helping organizations create and maintain profitable growth and develop high–performing teams.
Pascal’s coaching certifications include being a Certified Professional Co–Active Coach (CPCC, from the Coach Training Institute | CTI) and an Associated Certified Coach (ACC, from the International Coaching Federation | ICF). He is also a trained team coach (Organization and Relationship System Coaching | ORSC). Speaking four languages and doing business in English and German, he has spent the last twenty years in Switzerland. Pascal holds an MBA from Columbia Business School in NYC. He lives in Erlangen, Germany with his wife and 9–year old son.