Kitty Kollmeyer, PCC
Executive Consultant & Coach

About Kitty Kollmeyer

Kitty is an energetic and motivated individual who excels in driving results through compassionate, inspirational leadership and talent development and team building. As a Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and Facilitator she believes in helping people and organizations achieve excellence. Her gift is to help people, teams and organizations unlock their potential. She will meet you wherever you are, whatever your needs may be, and create effective, customized solutions that produce lasting results.

Kitty coaches to build self-awareness so that leaders can make more thoughtful and deliberate decisions and show up at their best. She helps leaders and organizations tap into potential, elevate talent, and accelerate performance. Kitty helps leaders bridge the gap, fuel commitment, and energize every generation for organizational success.

Her prior experience includes working for some of the most admired, valuable, and premier brands in the world. In her 30+ years of leadership experience as an Executive with Apple, Estée Lauder, Macy’s, and Disney. Kitty has successfully led large teams that were geographically separated. She knows how to engage people and build effective, high performing teams, and she is passionate about leveraging people’s strengths and talents. Kitty has a strong understanding of generational differences and she knows how to effectively communicate with and lead at all levels.

Her expertise in strategic planning and facilitation helps clients establish Core Values, Mission and Vision, the foundation for a culture of high performance. She collaborates to set strategic direction and align teams for success. Kitty can help you identify root cause, find solutions, develop a plan to elevate the talent on your team, and create a bench of emerging talent. She will work with you to create competency-based language that will enhance your ability to identify strengths and neutralize weaknesses. Kitty works with leaders to elevate their executive presence and assimilate into new leadership positions. She will help you accelerate change and transform your business to remain competitive now and position itself to sustain success into the future. Kitty has been recognized for proven expertise in virtual facilitation. She consistently creates an environment of high energy, active engagement, and action focus. Kitty has experience working with startups, small companies and large corporations across the globe.

Kitty’s certifications include: Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation), Emotional Intelligence (Learning in Action Technologies), MBTI (Myers-Briggs), Hogan, LEA360 (MRG), LEAD NOW!, and Talentx7.

Kitty is passionate about traveling the globe and learning about other cultures. She and her husband are empty nesters living in the greater Milwaukee area.