Tony Gilliard
Executive Consultant & Coach

About Tony Gilliard

Tony is a strategic Diversity and Inclusion executive consultant and coach with a record of progressive responsibility and complex diversity and inclusion related experiences. He emphasizes leveraging diversity as an integral part of business growth by creating an environment of belonging through inclusive practices. Utilizes Inclusive Leadership subject matter expertise to increase profitability and productivity by leveraging differences and removing the obstacles caused by unconscious bias. He brings outstanding advocacy and diplomatic skills that demonstrate a commitment to equity, fairness, and transparency. Heralded as a dynamic and inspirational people expert with outstanding business acumen. Tony is a leader who employs an inspirational style, motivational speaking, and dynamic facilitation to get desired results.

Prior to consulting, Tony built a long successful career in human resources with major global brands. He has been categorized as a businessman who happens to do HR. He earns his seat at the business table by understanding business and seamlessly integrating HR strategy and D&I into business strategy. Tony brings corporate experience in HR and D&I from The Zale Jewelry Corporation, PepsiCo, NBC Entertainment, Dell Computer, The Walt Disney Company, and Mattel. As an executive with global experience, he believes in leveraging organizational capability to drive business results. He further believes that every employee brings their share of strengths to their respective organizations and that greater success comes as companies take advantage of those strengths and not letting differences get in the way.

As a facilitator, trainer, and speaker, Tony has spoken and presented to various groups across the nation on numerous topics. Over the past several years, Tony has focused on Diversity and Inclusion, as well as management and leadership development. Whether working with C-Suite employees or those on the front line, Tony approaches each engagement with the same amount of energy and vigor and respect. A short list of his clients includes Verizon, Southern Glazers, John Deere, Munich Re, City of Dallas, Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport, John Peter Smith Hospital System ConEdison, and Nestle’.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of North Texas with Graduate course work at Texas Southern University and the University of North Texas. He has completed executive training at GE’s John F. Welch Leadership Development Center at Crotonville and was chosen as a charter class member of the Walt Disney Consumer Products Global Leadership Institute, which consisted of the division’s top 40 executives worldwide.

Tony resides in Dallas / Fort-Worth with his wife. He has lived coast-to-coast in United States.