Andora Gandy
Executive Consultant & Coach

<h2>About Andora Gandy</h2>
Above all Andora Gandy is committed to giving sales professional, leaders and teams the tools, resources and support they need to meet and exceed their personal and professional development goals. She is proud to put her skills and expertise to work to achieve the goal of helping and serving others.

With 22 years of experience in sales, sales management, training, coaching and leadership development, Andora specializes in helping people in the area of sales and leadership development.

Her extensive knowledge of game-changing strategies and proven techniques for their implementation combine in a one-of-a-kind approach that has informed and transformed the lives and careers of clients all over the country.

Andora’s work is guided by the philosophy of Will Durant: We are what we (repeatedly) choose to do. Therefore, Our excellence is determined by our habits.

Andora knows the power of positive habits, and that an effective development strategy must include practical steps toward their full realization in the life and work of each client. So whether your team is full of new graduates or seasoned veterans, your development strategies will be tailored to your strengths, your goals and your growth opportunities.

What would your workplace and your life be like if everyone on your team was working and living to their full potential? Andora helps clients begin their journey to excellence, so they can find the answer to that question.

Andora is a graduate of The University of Alabama and a national member of the Association of Talent Development (ATD). She currently sits on the board for the National Sales Network – Charlotte Chapter, a member of National Association of Women Business Owners, a member of Association of Executives of North Carolina and is a Make-a-Wish granter.

Andora lives in Cary, NC where she enjoys amazing food experiences, yoga and the beautiful outdoors of North Carolina.