Corinne Ferris, ACC
Executive Consultant & Coach

About Corinne Ferris

Corinne Ferris is a leadership development coach, instructor/trainer, and consultant, and has been supporting leaders at a variety of capacities for almost 15 years.

She holds a few beliefs when it comes to people taking on manager and leadership roles: 1) that there are fundamentals to be learned that can withstand a leader’s career as a people manager; 2) that leadership skills are learned best in a community and collaborative setting; and 3) that if you focus on yourself as a leader first, your team will thrive.

Corinne also believes that foundations are important for teams, specifically around strong and living vision, mission and values statements. “Living” can best be described as these statements being visibly seen through action within each part of the organization. She was trained in numerous team processes with Proactive Coaching by her mentor.

Her career started in the athletic arena where she coached a dance team in her early 20’s. She realized quickly the importance of fundamental leadership skills, and through intense effort and focus, she built a strong athletic program at Washington State. She began teaching leadership skills to coaches and early-career leaders which led to her earning a Master of Education in Guidance Counseling, pursuing formal coaching skill training, and pursuing human resources as a career.

When working with teams, Corinne brings a calm presence to the conversation and creates space where people are willing to share and grow. In one-on-one sessions, she lets her clients guide the ship, while also asking powerful questions. She enjoys group facilitation to help her clients discuss and resolve the difficult topics and challenges in a safe environment.

In addition to her master’s degree, Corinne has her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coaching Federation, completed the “Leadership That Works” coach training program, and is LEAD NOW! Certified in 360 and other assessments with Stewart Leadership. Corinne lives in Seattle with her husband and goldendoodle.