Sarah Bircher
Director of Marketing

About Sarah Bircher

Sarah is a marketing leader based out of the greater Seattle area. Since 2003, Sarah has provided writing and digital marketing services for the leadership training, coaching, and consulting industry. She has worked with consultants partnering with fortune 500 companies, leadership training organizations, executive coaches, business coaches, and life coaches working directly with individuals including Rapport Leadership International, Saletta Leadership, Driven for Life, Edge of Change, and ActionCoach.An accomplished salesperson, Sarah believes that content creates an opportunity to connect with your audience; building trust and rapport in a manner similar to having a conversation. Using this approach, Sarah creates content that engages audiences and showcases the expertise of the thought leaders she is supporting. She is particularly enthusiastic to be partnering with the high caliber team put together by Stewart Leadership.

Sarah has written on a range of leadership and management topics including change management, team performance, leadership development and performance, sales training, business culture and employee experience. Her work has been featured in newsletters, ebooks, and in training materials directed at companies including Marriott, Whole Foods, OldCastle, MGM Grand, ThermoKing, and Station Casinos.

A self-described nerd, Sarah enjoys reading as many books as she can and discussing and dissecting the ideas and concepts she has learned. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, visiting the beach, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and her two dogs.