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Peter K. Stewart, PhD

Managing Director – Stewart Leadership
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Peter Stewart, PhD, is a leadership coach and consultant who has helped hundreds of individuals in diverse settings achieve success in their personal growth and development.  He specializes in helping others clearly identify their personal strengths, weaknesses, preferences, tendencies, and expectations through a unique blend of statistical and personal assessment and coaching. Clients have frequently commented on the ease and speed with which Peter is able to thoroughly grasp the challenges that individuals are facing. He helps them conceptualize and understand their role in complex organizational systems through clear, practical, and common-sense direction.

Peter’s formal training in personal development began with his undergraduate studies in psychology and business at Brigham Young University.  He completed his graduate studies at the University of Kansas and Ohio State University by earning both a masters and doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in systems, change, and human behavior.  His training is focused in the development, administration, and utilization of assessments, founded in relevant statistical analysis.

In addition to being a business owner, Peter is an active researcher, teacher, author, and speaker.  As an adjunct professor, he has taught assessment administration and interpretation in the graduate school at Washington State University. He has researched and published many articles and studies in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, presented at several national conferences, and participated in the development, standardization, and psychometric analysis of multiple assessment instruments.  Most recently, he has been actively involved for Stewart Leadership in the development of the LEAD NOW! Self-Assessment and LEAD NOW! 360° Assessment.

Peter’s unique background combined with a pragmatic, skills-focused application make him ideal to coach those that are focused on sustained improvement through talent management and leadership development strategies.

Peter lives in Washington State with his wife, Michelle, and their 4 sons.

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