Change Management

How successful are your leaders in leading change? Are risks and resistance identified and mitigated? Do your leaders know what to do when change efforts stall? Leading change is one of the most important skills for the modern leader. The goal of managing change is to increase adoption, productivity, and engagement. However, up to 70% of all change efforts fail to accomplish these objectives. Stewart Leadership creates a change-ready organization by developing the capability and tools for leaders and employees to be aware, willing and able to change.

We provide tools and expert consulting to leaders and teams to prepare, manage, and sustain change. We help leaders identify why & what, who & how, and action & measures to manage change effectively.

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Why & What

  • Business Case & Future State
  • Current State Assessment
  • Roles/Responsibilities to Deliver new Results
  • Skill Development & Coaching

Who & How

  • Leadership Alignment & Commitment
  • Communication & Feedback
  • Employee Engagement
  • Cultural Alignment

Action & Measures

  • Identify Change Readiness
  • Listen for Resistance
  • Monitor & Measure
  • Celebrate Wins