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LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Library

The Mini-Video Library is a series of 22 micro learning videos, each focused on a Leadership Dimension from the LEAD NOW! Model.




Created with the time-starved leader in mind, each module is only 5 to 8 minutes in length and provides actionable skills that bring to life the leadership dimension chosen. The leadership lessons and gems throughout the video modules engage and captivate the viewer.



Designed to be practical, quick, and easy-to-use, the LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Library offers immediate help in everyday leadership situations. This library contains hundreds of effective tips and tools organized into 21 common leadership dimensions. It is derived from a comprehensive leadership development model you can use throughout your organization.

LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model

The LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model is based on 50 years of collective management and leadership coaching experience with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other worldwide organizations.

The simple, yet comprehensive, model is built from surveys of 8,000 executives, managers, supervisors, and employees who were asked to rank their perceptions of the most important behaviors of an ideal leader. From this work and research, the model was designed and it has proven to be a successful model for leadership development.

The LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Library Gives You 3 Pricing Options

Self-Paced eLearning | Classroom Package | Blended Learning Starter Kit

Self-Paced eLearning

Access to all Videos: $49.95 per user/per year.* Designed for self-paced instruction. SCORM or Simple Streaming available. Built for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

  • Self-Paced Administrator Guide
  • 22 Mini-Videos (5-8 minutes each)
  • Dimension Survey helping participants prioritize their leadership development focus
  • 21 Self-Paced eLearning Worksheets including lessons, gems, reflections, power tips, and individual development plans

*You can host on your Learning Management System or pay a small $2.00 per user fee and have us host for you.

Classroom Package

The LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Classroom Package gives you the flexibility to lead a session over the entire LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Program or use individual modules to address a smaller number of skill sets.​ Imagine reaching both your on-site leaders in the classroom and your remote leaders via webinar all with one product. Deliver the LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Classroom Package as many times as you need, where ever you need to.

Classroom Package: $1,995* for the DVD package includes all 22 videos plus a Facilitator Guide that outlines 60 minute training sessions for each video.

  • All mini-video features: modules, gems, lessons, tips
  • Facilitator's Notes
  • Participant Worksheets
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck Templates
  • Dimension Surveys
  • Reinforcement Templates
  • Desk References

*Prices do not include shipping.

Blended Learning Starter Kit

For under $100* a person, the comprehensive LEAD NOW! Blended Learning Starter Kit delivers a highly-flexible, blended leadership development program for 30 or more leaders.

You get the complete LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Library Classroom DVD Package for your leaders who prefer classroom or webinar delivery. Use the Classroom Package as many times as you want, for as many leaders as you wish. Next, you get 30 Licenses for Self-Paced eLearning for those leaders who want the flexibility to serve up skills as needed. Finally, you get the award-winning LEAD NOW! Book Series.

You can deliver a blended leadership program to 30 people and you can use the LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Library Classroom Package for many more.

*Blended Learning Starter Kit - 1 DVD (includes 22 mini-videos), 30 eLearning Licenses, 1 Book set - $2,970 (20% savings).


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