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Increase Team Results & Achieve Organizational Goals

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Team Assessment & Alignment

Achieve better overall teamwork and results

Working together to help align goals, create team-operating principles, and improve relationship management is the goal of the Stewart Leadership Team Performance Workshop. Using highly engaging, interactive, and impactful team activities, our teaming programs demonstrate the power of teaming together, allowing team members to identify specific team guidelines to achieve high performance. You will gain an understanding of how to build and manage relationships within the team to effectively handle conflicting demands, communicate effectively, and achieve results. Get working better together today–learn more about our acclaimed, on-site 1-2 day workshops by contacting us.

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Executive Team Development

Create a common purpose. Understand team dynamics. Leverage individual contributions.

With high energy and experience, we will lead your team through personalized and results-driven management activities. Teams will learn about their own strengths, weaknesses, and management styles; and gain critical insights into their performance and effectiveness as team members. From one-on-one coaching for a team leader, or a tailored team transition program for new teams, to custom workshops building a culture of teamwork, Stewart Leadership has been building successful teams for the past 35 years. Learn more about our acclaimed, on-site team development approach by contacting us.

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New Leader Team Assimilation

Get your new leader and team working together right from the start

When a leader joins or builds a team, it is an important inflection point. How the leader sets the tone and initially connects with their team sets a powerful foundation for future interactions and team performance. The New Leader Team Assimilation provides a quick and effective approach to get a leader with a new team working together right from the start. Stewart Leadership will provide consultation and support throughout the new leader assimilation process, enhancing overall team engagement and creating a smooth and successful transition for both leader and team members. Contact us today to get your new leader and team working well together.

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Presentation & Orals Coaching

Know what it takes to win large government contracts

Providing expert orals coaching and results-driven management practices to some of the world’s largest government contractors including: Boeing, Booze Allen, Hughes, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and United Space Alliance.

We have learned what it takes to win government contracts and your team can too. We know how to select team members, develop individual presentation skills, create a cohesive team, identify discriminators that resonate with the customer, achieve compliance with every RFP and SOW requirement, and continually provide coaching feedback until the presentation is flawless. With 30+ years of insight that help teams win billions of dollars in large government contracts, let Stewart Leadership guide you through the process.

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